Compare Samsung Galaxy S8 deals 2018

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was the 2017 flagship of one of the best Android ranges out there - and at its release, it really impressed. It came with the curvy-edged screen we first saw on the Galaxy S6 Edge, and specs that blew its contemporaries out of the water.

Want one? Keep reading, and we'll show you how to get your hands on a fantastic deal on the Galaxy S8. Or, take a look at all the deals we've got straight away.

Compare Samsung Galaxy S8 deals

What is the Samsung Galaxy S8 like?

You'll recognise the Galaxy S8 immediately because it looks amazing. The screen - a 5.8-inch AMOLED affair with a 1440 x 2950 pixel resolution - is edge-to-edge, and quite stunning. It takes up most of the front of the phone, without even any space for a home button like previous Galaxies had.

The fingerprint sensor that used to live under the home button has been moved to the back next to the camera and heart rate monitor, and on the front there's an additional iris scanner.

The camera is among the best you can get on a smartphone, rocking a 12MP lens, optical image stabilisation, and plenty of in-depth settings to fiddle around with.

The 3,000mAh battery, meanwhile, will last all day and beyond - and it's capable of both fast charging and wireless charging.

You'll also get Bixby, Samsung's Siri-like personal assistant, a standard headphone jack, 64GB internal storage, and an SD card slot so you can expand that.

How to find the best Samsung Galaxy S8 deal

CompareMyMobile is here to help you find the best Samsung Galaxy S8 contract deal out there. Use our mobile comparison tool to take a look at the pay-monthly deals available from the best UK networks and retailers, and adjust the filters to find ones you like.

Compare Samsung Galaxy S8 deals

Here are a few things to think about when you're picking a deal.


If you don't use your phone much, or are connected to Wi-Fi most of the time, you'll only need a small allowance - 1GB or so will cover your use.

Most of us, however, need a little more than that - between 2GB and 5GB on average, especially for a high-powered phone like the S8.

Of course, this is a phone that attracts power users. If you like to stream video, listen to podcasts all day, play online games, or just download a lot of stuff, a higher allowance will suit you - 10GB and above, or perhaps even unlimited data.

See our guide: How much mobile data do I need?


Plenty of networks offer deals on Samsung Galaxy phones, so you're free to take your pick. EE, and networks that piggyback on it (like Virgin Mobile, BT Mobile, and Plusnet Mobile), have the best UK coverage - while other networks specialise in cheap prices, or benefits like free use of certain apps.


Not all of the available S8 colours are up for grabs in the UK - but look out for black, grey, silver, blue, gold, pink, or burgundy.


All kinds of pricing setups are available on Galaxy S8 deals - whether you prefer to get the cheapest monthly bills possible, pay nothing upfront, or spread things out evenly. See below for a little more info on finding a cost that suits you.

What's the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S8 deal?

Sort the Galaxy S8 deals in the comparison tool by cost to see the cheapest ones that fit what you're looking for. Ranking by total cost will show you which deals offer the best value across the whole contract; or monthly cost shows you the ones with the lowest monthly bills.

Alternatively, set a maximum budget in the filter on the side to only see the deals you can afford.

There's a few more things you can look at too:

  • Network - some providers' deals are significantly cheaper than others, even if you don't get as many extras and bonuses with your plan
  • Refurbished handsets
  • Deals from resellers, like Carphone Warehouse or E2save
  • Existing customer deals - from your current mobile network, or even your broadband or TV provider

Compare cheap Galaxy S8 deals

Samsung Galaxy S8 deals with no upfront cost

A Samsung Galaxy S8 deal with no upfront cost may mean a more expensive bill each month, but these plans certainly are available - and from quite a few networks, too.

Select 'free' in the phone cost filter on the comparison grid to compare them. You can also sort the deals by upfront cost, which shows you the ones with free devices and cheap upfront costs first of all.

No upfront cost Galaxy S8 deals

Samsung Galaxy S8 deals with unlimited data

Not many networks offer contracts with unlimited data allowances - but thankfully some do, namely Three and giffgaff. To find unlimited data deals on the Samsung Galaxy S8, set the allowance filter on the comparison tool to 'unlimited data'.

Unlimited data Galaxy S8 deals

It's worth looking at plans with high data allowances too, even if they're not unlimited. You'll get a greater choice of networks, and may be able to save a bit of money. Find these by using the filters at the side or by sorting the deals by data allowance.

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