BT Mobile review 2024 - is BT Mobile any good?

BT review

This broadband, home phone and TV giant re-entered the mobile sector in 2015 when it partnered with EE. BT Mobile subscribers can take advantage of BT Sport on the go, discounts for broadband customers and an extensive network of Wi-Fi hotspots.

Find out more about what separates BT Mobile from other mobile networks. From pros and cons and customer service to network coverage and pricing, we shine a light on BT Mobile and help you decide whether it’s the network for you.

What’s good about BT Mobile?

  • BT uses the EE network - currently the most comprehensive UK mobile network
  • Monthly discount for BT broadband customers
  • Free BT Sport on selected plans
  • Unlimited access to BT's 5 million public Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Ability to set monthly spending caps
  • Family SIM discount available

What’s bad about BT Mobile?

  • Mobile contracts and SIM-only plans are not the cheapest
  • Mobile contracts are a minimum of 24 months; SIM deals are a minimum of 12 months
  • No unlimited data plans available
  • No Pay As You Go plans available
  • Not the widest choice of handsets

BT SIM-only deals

BT’s small range of SIM-only plans include data allowances from 500MB to 40GB - and most include unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.

All plans are for a minimum of 12 months and so you don’t have the flexibility that other networks - such as giffgaff and iD Mobile - offer with their 30-day rolling SIM deals, but you can reduce your bill with BT’s Family SIM plan, and if you’re an existing BT Broadband customer.

There are cheaper SIM deals available through other mobile networks, so consider whether BT’s perks are enough to turn your head.


Verdict: Average

There isn’t a huge variety of plans to choose from and the minimum 12-month contract length could deter some.

BT Mobile phone contract plans

BT Mobile offers a reasonable selection of mobile contract plans ranging from small to medium data allowances - all of which include unlimited minutes and unlimited texts - on some decent high-end handsets from Apple, Huawei and Samsung.

You will find cheaper comparable plans with other networks but taking out a BT Mobile contract (or SIM deal) starts to make more sense if you’re already signed up with BT, as existing BT Broadband customers receive discounts on their mobile bills.

As BT Mobile owns the EE network, you benefit from the fastest 4G network in the UK. Unlike some mobile providers, BT Mobile generally don’t require an upfront handset charge, so you can have that new iPhone in your hand without making an initial expensive payment.

BT Mobile customers on higher-end plans also get BT Sport, which means footie fans can watch the Premier League on the go, and all customers can take advantage of BT’s extensive network of five million Wi-Fi hotspots.


Verdict: Good

At first glance BT Mobile’s plan look a little expensive but dig a little a deeper and they start to look a better bet - particularly if you’re an existing BT Broadband customer. We like the turbo-charged EE network and if you can’t bear to miss a minute of the Premier League, then take a look.

BT Mobile coverage

As BT owns EE, BT Mobile customers benefit from the UK’s fastest and widest 4G network.

Before you order it’s important to check you can get a signal in your home area using BT Mobile’s coverage checker - as well as areas you are likely to frequent, such as your place of work and route to work.

BT Mobile coverage checker


Verdict: Excellent

If you sign up with BT Mobile, you can expect the best mobile coverage in the country.

BT Mobile pricing

As with most mobile networks, the monthly price you pay on a BT mobile contract is only half the story - and it’s important to weight up all the pros and cons of each network before deciding.

On price alone, it’s easy to find cheaper mobile deals than BT Mobile contracts - but you can reduce your BT mobile bill if you’re existing BT Broadband customer. Also, SIM-only customers can take advantage of the Family SIM discount.

While BT Mobile plans look a little more expensive month by month, most plans do not require an upfront charge, which means you can get your hands on a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy handset without paying a large fee at the start of your contract.


Verdict: Average

If you want the cheapest monthly mobile contract plan, you should compare other mobile networks. But if you’re an existing BT Broadband customer and like the idea of being on the UK’s fastest and widest mobile network, BT are certainly worth considering.

BT Mobile customer service

Based on data from a Which? H1 2017 UK Mobile Network Survey and a 2017 Ofcom report, BT did not fare well on the customer service front - beating only Three, who came out worse.


Verdict: Poor

It’s important not to place too much emphasis on negative customer reviews, but you should certainly consider the reputation of a mobile network in this area - particularly if you plan to sign up for a long-term contract.

BT Mobile extras and benefits

  • Monthly discount for BT broadband customers
  • Free BT Sport app with higher-end plans
  • Free use of BT Wi-Fi hotspots around the country
  • Ability to set monthly spending caps
  • Family SIM discounts
  • BT Reward cards available with some plans


Verdict: Good

Having BT Sport on your phone is a great perk, particularly as BT Sport’s offering has expanded in recent years, as is free access to BT’s 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK.

Overall verdict

There’s much to cheer about BT Mobile’s contract plans and SM-only deals. While cheaper plans and deals are available, BT is a solid mobile performer that gives its customers the best 4G network and some decent perks to boot.

Sports fans will be more than happy with the BT Sport app, as will existing broadband customers who get a discount on their monthly mobile bill.

However, BT’s customer service may leave a little be desired; there isn’t an extensive range of handsets available with BT mobile plans; and BT mobile plans are for a minimum of 24 months.

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