Lebara Mobile review 2020 - Is Lebara any good?


For those with friends and family abroad, finding a mobile network that offers decent international call options can be tricky. Thankfully, Lebara Mobile specialise in international SIM-only deals, and offer a plethora of cheap minutes and data options.

In fact, Lebara Mobile caters for over forty destinations around the world. And, whether you’re after one of its rolling 30-day SIM-only plans, or more flexible Pay-As-You-Go options, Lebara Mobile will likely have something that works for you.

What’s good about Lebara Mobile?

  • Ideal for international calls
  • Loads of flexible pay-as-you-go plans
  • No credit check necessary
  • Decent value for money
  • Offers extra credit if you top up £20 or more

What’s bad about Lebara Mobile?

  • Doesn’t offer long-term phone contracts or SIM plans
  • Bolt-ons and extra tariffs are expensive
  • Low data allowance
  • Compare Lebara Mobile deals

Lebara Mobile SIM plans

All of Lebara’s SIM-only plans last 30 days, and its international calls offer a variety of different allowances to suit your needs. Indeed, its most popular plan boasts unlimited UK minutes, and a 6GB data allowance to boot.

In short, then, whether you call abroad often, or are looking for something in the short-term, Lebara Mobile will likely offer a SIM-only plan to suit you.

Provider Data Amount Contract Length Monthly Costs
Lebara Mobile sim only 4GB data 1 month £6.99
  • Lebara Mobile sim only
    • 4GB of 4G data
    • Unlimited minutes
    • Unlimited texts
    • 100 international minutes to over 40 countries
    • £6.99 per month
    1 month contract From Lebara Mobile


Verdict: Good

If you need to make loads of calls abroad, Lebara Mobile will be for you.

Lebara Mobile coverage

Because Lebara Mobile uses Virgin’s network, its coverage is very good. In fact, around 99% of the country should, in theory, receive coverage wherever they are in the UK. Same goes for 4G coverage, too.


Verdict: Excellent

As we say, thanks to a little help from Virgin Media, Lebara Mobile coverage is excellent.

Lebara Mobile pricing

Most of Lebara’s SIM-only deals are reasonably priced, and it’s one of the cheapest ways to call China, Pakistan and Bangladesh from the UK.


Verdict: Good

In short, Lebara offer pretty good value when it comes to its mobile plans.

Lebara Mobile customer service

Overall, Lebara Mobile’s customer service rating is pretty average, with a 5.9 Trustpilot rating at the time of writing. While this isn’t great, it’s probably not enough to put you off using Lebara, and it will do the job just fine.


Verdict: Average

Although we’re not blown away by Lebara Mobile’s customer service rating, it compares favourably against other networks.

Lebara Mobile extras and benefits

Another cool thing you’ll get with Lebara Mobile is, if you keep your mobile number when you switch over, it’ll give you £4 of free call credit. A nice little perk. You won’t have to worry about any credit checks, either.

Plus, if you take out one of Lebara’s plans that contain data - for example, its UK Plans - you’ll also have the option to add on 1GB of extra data.

In short, then, Lebara Mobile offer up some reasonable perks and benefits for the price you pay.


Verdict: Average

Although Lebara Mobile does offer some limited perks - if lots of benefits are your thing - you’ll find more extras with networks like O2.

Overall verdict

As we say, if you have family abroad, or you’re a migrant worker only in the country for a short while, Lebara Mobile will be the best network for you.

With its flexible packages, competitively priced call rates and over forty exclusive destinations, Lebara Mobile is a good option should your circumstances suit it.