Is it cheaper to get a phone contract with no upfront cost?


I’m looking for phone contract with no upfront cost, but there’s a lot of conflicting information on the internet about whether it will be wroth it. Is it cheaper to get a phone contract with no upfront cost?

Neil, Blackpool

Typically, more expensive handsets come with an upfront cost as a contribution to the contract plan, whereas older models won’t come with an upfront cost, and instead include add-ons.

Is it cheaper overall to get a phone contract with an upfront cost?

Unfortunately, because no upfront cost deals require additional expenditure, you will end up paying more during the length of your contract.

And although you won’t have to put down a large outlay immediately, your monthly bill will actually be higher over the length of your contract.

Not sure what 'upfront cost' means on phone contracts? We'll walk you through it in our guide. 

What are the pros and cons of phone contracts with no upfront costs?


  • You can spread the costs across a set period. This makes the outlay a lot more manageable, if you don’t want to splurge all of the money in one go, too.
  • Makes top-end phones easier to buy. As you know, new handsets can be expensive – especially if you’re on a budget. With no upfront costs deals, you'll be able to get the phone you want, and pay for it on a monthly basis.  
  • You’ll get to save money on older handsets. Brilliantly, there are lots of mid-range and budget devices around that don’t require an upfront cost. And although they don’t have the same bells and whistles as newer handsets, they are still brilliant devices.


  • You’ll have higher monthly bills. Because you won’t need any additional expenditure, at the end of your contract, you will have ended up paying more for your handset. 
  • Contract lengths can be longer. On these types of deals, contract lengths can last up to 24 months. And, although you won’t have to pay a large upfront fee, you'll also be tied in to along contract which you probably won't be able to change. 
  • You’ll pay more in the long-run. With these deals, you’ll usually pay more than your handset over the course of a contract.

So, there you have it. These are the pros and cons of getting a contract with no upfront costs.

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