Want to sell your old smartwatch for cash? It’s easier than you think. Just follow our three simple steps…

  1. Select your watch: Find your watch’s model by either clicking on the manufacturer on this page, or typing its name into the search bar above.
  2. Compare prices: We’ll show you all the offers we can find on your watch, from up to 30 gadget recyclers on our site. Then just choose a quote that looks good.
  3. Get paid! Once you’ve entered your details and mailed off your watch, you’re quids-in! The buyer will send you your cash as soon as they get your watch.

How much is my smartwatch worth?

The amount of cash you can get for your smartwatch depends on quite a few factors. Different brands draw in different prices, for a start - an LG smartwatch will likely get different offers from a Samsung Gear one or a Sony SmartBand - and the newer your model of watch is, the higher the quotes generally are.

The condition of your watch affects things too. A brand new smartwatch fresh out the box will go for more money; a used but otherwise functional one will get a bit less; and a broken or damaged one will get even less.

Don’t worry though - it’s still possible to sell or recycle a broken smartwatch. Select the ‘broken’ condition at the top of the comparison grid once you’ve found your watch’s model, and we’ll show you all the quotes we can find.

Why use CompareMyMobile?

Want to sell your old gadgets for the best possible price? Don’t just rely on one recycling company - compare all your options by using our service. We source offers from over 30+ companies on hundreds of smartphones, tablets, games consoles, smartwatches, and more - and we get customer reviews on them all so you can find a buyer you trust.