Why use CompareMyMobile.com to sell your iPhone 12?

CompareMyMobile.com is the best place to sell your iPhone 12. We’ll connect you with our carefully selected recycling partners to help you get the best price for your old handset.

And what’s more, they’ll ensure your iPhone 12 is either properly refurbished or its parts used to help recycle other iPhones, before disposing of any unusable materials in a safe way. It's a win for you and the environment.

Why should I recycle my iPhone 12?

Recycling your iPhone 12 is a no brainer.

Not only is it the best way to get paid quickly for your old iPhone, it’s also the only way to ensure it either gets reused or taken apart safely by experts who can use its components and then get rid of anything that will cause damage if sent to landfill.

Put simply, it’s the smart option.

Can I sell my iPhone 12 with a cracked screen?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is select the ‘broken’ option on the filter at the top of this page and the deals available to you will automatically change.

Remember that you’ll get less money if your iPhone 12has a cracked screen, although you will still get something.

How to prepare my iPhone 12 to sell

First of all, make sure your iPhone 12 is backed up. You can do this by heading into Settings and tapping on iCloud.

If you need more storage in iCloud when transferring data to a new iPhone, the Transfer or Reset iPhone option under General will let you do so, as long as you have a new iPhone to hand.

Once this is done, we recommend wiping the iPhone 12 of all data for your own security.

Do I need to wipe my iPhone 12 before selling?

Recyclers will wipe your iPhone 12 for you, as long as you disable Touch ID and your pass code.

We don’t recommend doing this, just in case of the unlikely event of your iPhone going missing in the post. Instead, tap Settings, General and Transfer or Reset iPhone, before choosing Erase.

This is the best way to keep your data safe. Just be sure to back it up first.

What will happen to my iPhone 12?

Your iPhone 12 will be checked over by your chosen recyclers first. Then they’ll fix any problems and, if it’s still usable, may sell it as a refurbished device.

If it’s badly damaged, it may be taken apart and its components used to refurbish other iPhones, while the rest will be disposed of safely.

Compare More Apple devices

Here at CompareMyMobile.com we offer deals on nearly all old iPhones, from the newest iPhone 13 Pro Max right back to the old iPhone 8.

So use our search tool now to see how much you can get by recycling your old iPhone.

How much is my iPhone 12 worth?

Your iPhone 12 is worth between £260 and £360 depending on which recycler you choose.

Those prices are for used models that have not sustained damage. Broken iPhones will get less money.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 12?

Certainly. Just remember that a broken iPhone 12 will secure a far lower price, anything between £50 and £185 depending on what condition it’s in.

Check with your recycler to see its policy on testing iPhones and how it assesses what it pays for broken iPhones.

Can I sell a iPhone 12 with water damage?

Some recyclers will take iPhones that are water damaged. However, you will get a much lower price for it, especially if it won’t turn on.

Contact recyclers to see their policy. Either way, using their services is the safest way to get rid of the iPhone and far better than sending it to landfill.

How long does it take to get paid after I sell my iPhone 12?

Once your iPhone 12 has been sent using the packaging your recycler sends to you and your device has been checked, you’ll get paid.

Expect to see funds in around a week. You can be paid by bank transfer, PayPal and cheque.