Compare the best Samsung Galaxy deals 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G
Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G
£45.00 per month
2GB data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 5G
Galaxy S22 Plus 5G
£36.00 per month
2GB data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy S22 5G
Galaxy S22 5G
£28.00 per month
2GB data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
Galaxy S21 5G
£32.00 per month
2GB data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
£42.99 per month
3GB data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy A13
Galaxy A13
£11.99 per month
1GB data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
Galaxy A53 5G
£18.00 per month
2GB data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G
Galaxy S21 FE 5G
£23.99 per month
Unlimited data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G
Galaxy A52s 5G
£19.00 per month
2GB data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G
Galaxy Z Flip3 5G
£27.99 per month
6GB data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G
Galaxy Z Fold3 5G
£55.00 per month
100GB data
£19.00 upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
Galaxy A22 5G
£14.00 per month
1GB data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy A52 5G
Galaxy A52 5G
£26.00 per month
65GB data
£12.99 upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G
Galaxy S21 Plus 5G
£38.00 per month
2GB data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
Galaxy A32 5G
£14.00 per month
1GB data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy A12
Galaxy A12
£11.00 per month
2GB data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
Galaxy S20 FE
£20.00 per month
30GB data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
Galaxy S20 FE 5G
£21.00 per month
20GB data
No upfront cost
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Samsung Galaxy A20e
Galaxy A20e
£11.99 per month
1GB data
No upfront cost
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Compare the best Samsung contract deals

Samsung mobile contracts

Samsung is known for excellent Android smartphones- and it's easy to see why. Packed with high-end features, crisp, high-definition screens, and sleek designs, there's much to recommend Samsung Galaxy phones.

Compare deals

Take a look at our deals on Samsung handsets, and find out how to get the best deal on a Galaxy smartphone right here.

Samsung Galaxy pay monthly deals

Compare pay-monthly contracts on whichever Samsung Galaxy phone you like best:

Choosing a Samsung Galaxy phone

You have lots of choice when it comes to Samsung Galaxy range, which includes everything from cutting-edge smartphones to more wallet-friendly models. Here are a few pointers to help you choose which one to get.

Latest Samsung Galaxy phones

The most up-to-date Galaxy phones right now are the Galaxy S22 range, which were released in February 2022. Not far behind them are 2021's S21 line-up.

Samsung Galaxy phones with big screens

If you like a large display, take a look at any Samsung Plus or Ultra-branded phones.

The largest of which typically feature screens of up to 6.7-inches, which are excellent for watching videos and playing games while you're on the go.

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy phones

The Galaxy A range are Samsung's most budget-friendly phones. At the time of writing, you can pick up the Galaxy A12 for not much over £10 per month on a pay monthly contract, and you can get the Galaxy A32 for not much more.

Alternatively, it's worth considering an older model in the de-luxe Galaxy S range, such as 2019's S20 line-up. Older editions usually become a lot more affordable once they're superseded by newer phones.

How to find the best Samsung Galaxy deal

Use our special mobile comparison tool to compare tons of Samsung Galaxy phone deals and find the best one for you. Here's how it works.

Step 1 - Pick a phone

Choose which Samsung Galaxy phone you want and select it from the menu in the sidebar. Can't decide? No problem - select as many as you like and compare their deals together.

Think about how much internal memory you need, what colour you want, and whether you want a refurbished handset too.

Step 2 - Choose a deal

Use the filters in the sidebar to narrow down what kind of deal you want, or just take a look at everything and take your pick. Consider what allowance you need, which networks you like, and what your budget is.

Step 3 - Place your order

Once you find the perfect deal, click it, and we'll take you to the network or reseller so you can get ordering. Your new phone will be with you in a matter of days.

What's the cheapest Samsung Galaxy contract?

We always recommend comparing deals to find the cheapest one - so the best thing to do is select everything you want on the comparison table, then sort them by cost. This'll show you the cheapest deals that suit you.

The most expensive Galaxy phones are the latest ones, specifically the Ultra or Plus models. You can still find reasonable deals on many of them, but if you're on a budget you may need to compromise here.

Older models, on the other hand, cost quite a bit less - and they're far from obsolete.

Galaxy A phones are much cheaper, as they're designed with a budget in mind. They're missing the odd feature and specs aren't quite as impressive, but they're still a good buy. Especially for teens, or for a child's first smartphone.

One really good way to trim your outgoings is to opt for a 'nearly-new', refurbished Samsung Galaxy phone, rather than a brand-new one. We've crunched the numbers and found these can work out significantly cheaper.

We'd also recommend you look out for Samsung Galaxy phone contracts from 'value' networks, such as Tesco Mobile and Three.

And finally, you may want to consider buying a Samsung Galaxy phone from a retailer such as Carphone Warehouse rather than directly from the network.

Deals from retailers often come in cheaper, or get you better allowances for your monthly outlay.

Samsung Galaxy deals with unlimited data

If you like to alleviate the tedium of a long, daily commute by streaming video from the likes of Netflix or playing games online, you may want to get a plan with an unlimited data allowance.

Unlimited plans are also good bet if your handset doubles as a work phone and you want the peace of mind that you'll never be without a data allowance.

And they're a good bet if you're just a really heavy mobile internet user, with a propensity to download apps and movies while you're on the go.

The good news is that Samsung Galaxy contracts with unlimited data are available from a wide selection of networks.

As you may expect, though, they can work out quite expensive compared to contracts with a rigid data usage limit.

To find the the best value unlimited data Samsung Galaxy contracts, choose the handset you want in our comparison tables, and select 'unlimited' from the data allowance filter.

Samsung Galaxy deals with no upfront cost

Deals with no upfront cost are available on pretty much every Samsung Galaxy model, though in some cases it can mean higher monthly bills.

To grab a deal with a 'free' device that you pay off over the course of your contract, use our comparison tool. Just select 'free' from the phone cost filter and we'll show you everything you can get.

Samsung Galaxy comparison

Need to compare Samsung phones at a glance? Take a look at the table below, where you'll find all Samsung's key phones' need-to-know specs.

Handset Display Main cameraFront camera Battery Fast charging 5G Storage
Galaxy S22 5G 6.1" 50MP, 10MP & 12MP 10MP 3700mAh 25W Yes128GB or 256GB
Galaxy S22 Plus 5G6.6" 50MP, 10MP & 12MP 10MP4,500mAh 45W Yes 128GB or 256GB
Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G6.8" 108MP, 10MP, 10MP & 12MP 40MP 5000mAh 45WYes 128GB, 256GB 12GB, 512GB 12GB & 1TB
Galaxy S21 5G6.2" 12MP, 64MP & 12MP 10MP 4,000mAh 25W Yes128GB & 256GB
Galaxy S21 Plus 5G6.7"12MP, 64MP & 12MP10MP4800mAh25WYes128GB or 256GB
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G6.8" 108MP, 10MP, 10MP & 12MP40MP 5000mAh 25W Yes 128GB, 256GB & 512GB
Galaxy S21 FE 6.4" 12MP, 8MP & 12MP 32MP 4500mAh 25W Yes 128GB & 256GB
Galaxy A126.5" 48MP, 5MP, 2MP & 2MP8MP 5000mAh 15W No 32GB, 64GB & 128GB

What's the best Samsung phone in 2022?

If money's no object and you want the very best Samsung Galaxy phone on the market, we'd recommend the S22 Ultra.

As you'd probably expect from a top-of-the-range smartphone, it's fantastic and is home to superb cameras with outstanding zoom capabilities, a powerhouse processor and a superb screen.

Better still. though, is that the S22 Ultra comes with an S-Pen stylus that was such a key feature of the now-discontinued Galaxy Note range.

And as you'll know if you ever used a Note phone, it comes in very handy for note-taking and sketching out ideas.

Is there going to be a new Samsung Galaxy phone in 2022?

Samsung unveiled the latest S22 models in February 2022. And the S23 isn't expected until early 2023.

And while it's possible there will be a lower-spec FE-branded addition to the S22 range some time this year, you can rest assured that the S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra won't be surpassed any time soon.

We also know that there won't be any new Galaxy Note phones this year, after Samsung announced it was discontinuing the range

In place of fresh Galaxy Note models, though, we can almost certainly expect some new folding phones to bolster the Galaxy Z line-up.

More handset brands

There's never been a better time to find a mobile deal which suits you...

  • Apple - iPhones are smooth, slick and still set a high benchmark in mobile build and design.
  • Google - It may only be a small range, but Google phones are powerful, stylish and offer a great Android experience.
  • Huawei - Big on style and functionality, and low on price, Huawei's phones cover everything from premium models to mid-range money savers.

Go SIM-only

If you're happy with your current phone and would like to hang on to it, we have some excellent SIM-only deals to check out.


You could also trade in your current smartphone and put the money towards one of the newer models. It's a quick and easy process with Depending on what model you have, and how intact it is, you’ll be surprised at what you can get.

See what you could get for your old Galaxy smartphone at our dedicated Samsung phones trade-in page.

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