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  • iPhone 13

    iPhone 13: Rumours, release date, and how to pre-order

    The September 2021 suite of iPhones has brought us four iterations of the world's favourite smartphone: the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro… More »

  • 5g network

    5G vs 4G: what’s the difference and is it worth paying more?

    You might’ve heard about 5G. And you may also know it’s faster than 4G and is being touted as the future of connectivity. But does that mean it’s worth… More »

  • 5G networks

    Best 5G networks in June 2024

    Whichever network you choose, a 5G plan promises quicker downloads, smoother streaming and better online gaming. But not all networks are created equal when it comes to 5G coverage… More »

  • Broken phones

    How to choose the best mobile phone insurance

    What does mobile phone insurance cost, and who offers the best cover? Find out the answer to these questions, plus much more, on this page. More »

  • Kids playing games

    Mobile gaming safety

    Here's everything you need to know about mobile gaming safety, including how to set safety filters and avoid hefty bills for in-app purchases. More »

  • Phone security icon

    Mobile phone security

    Worried your smartphone might be at risk? Learn how to easily protect it against hackers, malware, phishers and thieves More »

  • free gifts

    A guide to the best phone contracts and SIMs with free gifts

    Games consoles, TVs, vouchers, fitness trackers, smartwatches and tablets are just some of the free gifts that networks and retailers use to sweeten the appeal of the pay-monthly phone… More »

  • Wet wipe

    How to clean your smartphone

    Want to keep your phone free of germs and harmful bacteria during the Coronavirus pandemic? Here’s our step-by-step guide More »

  • phones

    iOS vs Android: which is better?

    Android phones are cheaper, more customisable, with models to suit any budget. iOS-powered iPhones offer slicker apps and arguably look better, but come at a price. We break down… More »

  • upgrade phone

    A step by step guide to switching mobile phone network

    Not happy with your service? Seen a better deal elsewhere? Then it’s time to switch. We’ll walk you through the process for changing provider, to make your switch as… More »

  • Mobile phone security: All you need to know

    Worried about safeguarding your iPhone or Android smartphone against online thieves? Here’s how to protect your device, get rid of harmful software and spot viruses, malware and phony apps More »

  • SIM card

    How to cancel a phone contract

    How much does it cost to cancel a mobile contract? Are there any early termination fees? Can you keep your number? Here’s everything you need to know… More »

  • Smartphone contracts

    Mobile networks' credit check process explained

    Want a new phone or SIM but not sure if you’ll be accepted? Here we look at how mobile networks determine your credit-worthiness. And we explore your options if… More »

  • Smartphones

    Should I buy a nearly new phone?

    Are nearly new phones the same as refurbished phones? If not, what's the difference? And should you buy a nearly new phone? Read on and we'll answer your questions. More »

  • Ofcom logo

    Mobile phone contracts get fairer with Ofcom rules: what you need to know

    Millions of Brits are overpaying for their mobile phone. But incoming regulations promise to make end-of-contract charges fairer and end sharp practices for good. Here’s what you need to… More »

  • Confused man

    Who is the best mobile network?

    Looking for a new mobile network, but not sure who to choose? Below, we compare Britain’s biggest and best phone networks for coverage, offers, price and customer service to… More »

  • Cashback on mobile phone icon

    Mobile phone cashback: everything you need to know

    Want to get a phone contract with cashback? Tread carefully – despite their alluring veneer, not all cashback mobile phone deals will save you money. More »

  • Apple Logo

    iOS 13: new features, release date and should you upgrade

    Unveiled this week, Apple’s new software brings a slew of features to iPhones, including improved Maps, more customisable memoji and swipe typing. And it promises to make your phone… More »

  • Best smartphones 2019

    Compare the best smartphones 2024

    Which Apple and Android smartphones hit the headlines in 2020? We’ve put the front runners through their paces - read on to find out which handsets made the grade. More »

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