Selling your phone for cash is really simple. Just follow these easy steps:

    1. Find your old mobile phone: Select your phone’s brand and model from the list above, or type its name into our search bar to find it.
    2. Compare offers from our buyers: We’ll show you prices from loads of mobile phones recyclers who we work with, so you can guarantee the best price for your old phone from a trusted buyer.
    3. Get paid! Choose your favourite offer, mail your phone off in the postage pack they send you, and you’re quids-in.

Make sure you select the correct condition of your phone to get the most accurate offers!

Once you pick one, the buyer will tell you any other info you need to know – such as how to package your phone. Just follow the instructions and send it off.

Why use CompareMyMobile?

We’re committed to making sure you get the most cash for your unwanted mobile phones and gadgets. With several years of industry experience behind us, we’re your resident experts on mobile phone recycling. All our recyclers are vetted and and repeatedly reviewed, meaning you can rest assured that you're working with reputable brands.

Freeze your phone price

The amount you can get for your old phone drops all the time - by up to £100 per year, in fact. Luckily, CompareMyMobile lets you freeze your offer for up to two weeks until you’re ready to sell.

That means you can compare now, lock in your price, then take your time over the next fortnight.

What condition should my phone be in for a trade in?

As long as it’s recognisable as a phone, it doesn’t matter. You can trade in your phone whether it’s brand new, used, a bit worse for wear, or even broken.

‘New’ condition is the most perfect of all, and gets you the most cash. A broken phone (e.g. with a smashed screen or chipped chassis) will sell for less, but there’s a great chance it can still be traded in. Just use our search and comparison tool to find out.

See our selling broken phones page for the full lowdown on what isn’t accepted.

Can I sell my broken phone?

Yes you can – hundreds of models of phone can be sold even if they’re broken. You’ll obviously get less cash than a brand new, perfect condition phone, but you can most likely still find a buyer.

The company that buys your broken phone will either fix it up and sell it on, or break it down for parts and recycle them.

Just bear in mind that if your phone is broken, the buyer may need to revise their quote once they receive your phone.

For more info, check out our guide to selling broken phones.

How much is my mobile phone worth?

That depends on the phone, model, and its condition. Newer models in good condition can get you hundreds, while older, worse condition, or broken handsets will sell for less.

The only way to find out how much yours is worth is by typing it in to the search bar above. We’ll find all the available offers for you to compare, so you can see how much it’s worth and sell it on.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I recycle my mobile?

  • It gets you cold, hard cash
  • It’s better for the environment than just throwing it away
  • Your phone gets a new lease of life, either in someone else’s hands or recycled for parts
  • It clears out clutter from your home

What happens to recycled phones?

Most are given a thorough spring clean, with all their parts repaired or replaced, then they’re sold on - either in the UK or emerging markets elsewhere. Other mobiles, including very old models, are completely gutted. Any valuable gold, platinum, nickel, or cadmium bits are extracted, ready to make brand new gadgets.

Can I trust mobile recyclers?

We show deals offered by a variety of buyers and recyclers, from big names to smaller, more niche companies. Whatever the store, we carefully vet them and only display buyers on our site that we trust.