Samsung Galaxy S10: release date, specs and features

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With three new Samsung Galaxy phones released over the last few weeks, today we bring you the most exciting specs and features from the Korean mobile giant's newest flagship; the Galaxy S10

What is the Samsung Galaxy S10 like?

With extra thin bezels, edge-to-edge display, a pin-hole camera and no ugly notch, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a gorgeous looking handset jam-packed with cutting edge tech. In terms of colour options, you can pick from Prism Black, Prism White, Prism Green variants.

Stand-out features include an in-display fingerprint scanner that sits beneath the phones screen where the home button used to sit and a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. The phone's screen is also protected by durable Gorilla Screen Glass too, so its extra tough as well as nice to look at.

Here are some more of the phone's key specs and features:

  • Display - at 6.1 inches, the Samsung Galaxy S10 screen is a fair size, and it's Dynamic AMOLED display will make watching films and playing games a joy. But If you really like a big display, you'd be better off taking a look at the S10 Plus.
  • Battery - no one likes shoddy battery life. Thankfully, due to the phone's powerful chip-set, the S10 sports a 3,400mAh battery that’s built to last all day. Plus, the device also supports wireless charging and power sharing too.
  • Camera - the S10 has three snappers at the rear, and one at the front. In terms of megapixels, the three cameras at the back are 12MP wide, 12MP zoom and 16MP Ultra-wide. Meanwhile, the selfie camera is a 10MP, dual aperture snapper with super-slow motion capabilities.
  • Storage - you can pick up a 128GB version of the phone with 6GB RAM and a 512GB version with 8GB RAM.
    In-display finger-print scanner - the S10 boats an ultrasonic, in-screen fingerprint scanner, capable of recognising a fingerprint right down to your pores, which means the process is is more secure than might think. Yup, we're impressed!

Release date

The Galaxy S10 will be available to by March 8.

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More phones like the Galaxy S10

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