iD Mobile review 2022 - is iD Mobile any good?

iD Mobile

Whether you opt for a pay monthly contract or SIM-only deal, iD Mobile offers some of the UK’s most affordable 4G plans. Centred on flexibility and value for money, deals also come with data rollover and bill capping.

Find out more about what separates iD Mobile from other mobile networks. From pros and cons and customer service to network coverage and pricing, we shine a light on iD Mobile and help you decide whether it’s the network for you.

What’s good about iD Mobile?

  • Affordable and flexible 4G plans
  • Can roll your data over to the next month
  • Cap your bill each month
  • One-month contract terms available

What’s bad about iD Mobile?

  • Max 20GB data allowance: big data users will need to look at other networks
  • Roaming is not worldwide
  • Tethering not supported
  • Not many extras

iD Mobile SIM-only deals

If you already have a phone and just need a SIM deal, iD Mobile offer a very good range of plans - from small to larger data allowances.

All SIM deals are 30-day rolling plans and include data capping and data rollover - and most come with unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.


Verdict: Good

Cheap SIM deals without any frills. If you don’t need a new phone, iD Mobile are well worth checking out - particularly if you’re a light data user.

iD Mobile phone contract plans

As with other small mobile networks such as giffgaff, iD Mobile keeps things simple with an emphasis on budget plans - whether it’s SIM plans or long-term mobile contracts.

You won’t pick up the latest iPhone or premium handsets from Samsung or Google, but you will find a decent range of budget and mid-range handsets from Huawei, Motorola and Nokia - with low to medium data allowances at great prices. Also, you won’t find much in the way of extras, but the data rollover feature is a nice touch.

As iD Mobile is a virtual mobile network, its customers use the Three network which covers 99% of the population and this is constantly improving. Contracts tend to be between 12 and 24 months, and you generally won’t be asked to pay an upfront charge on your new handset.


Verdict: Good

If your life doesn’t depend on having the latest iPhone or Google Pixel handset and you’re more concerned with keeping your monthly mobile bill low, you should certainly consider iD Mobile.

iD Mobile coverage

As iD Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which uses the Three network, customers benefit from 99% population coverage across the UK.

4G coverage isn’t quite as high as rival networks such as EE, but you shouldn’t experience connection problems in towns and cities.

Before you order it’s important to check you can get a signal in your home area using Three’s coverage checker - as well as areas you are likely to frequent, such as your place of work and route to work.

iD Mobile coverage checker


Verdict: Good

Three’s network coverage - and therefore iD Mobile’s - isn’t quite up with the likes of EE (who generally come out on top against all mobile networks), but it’s still very good.

iD Mobile pricing

If price is your biggest concern when choosing a mobile contract or SIM plan, iD Mobile should figure highly in your thoughts.

Keeping premium handsets out of their contracts means iD Mobile’s monthly tariffs on a range of budget and mid-range phones, from manufacturers such as Huawei and Alcatel, are low.

SIM deals are certainly some of the cheapest on the market - particularly if you only need a small amount of data. You won’t get much in the way of perks, but we like the ability to roll over data each month.


Verdict: Good

iD Mobile’s contracts and SIM plans are great value for light to medium data users.

iD Mobile customer service

As iD Mobile is not covered by Ofcom, there’s not much to report here. It’s worth noting that Three (the network that iD Mobile customers use) received a below-average level of complaints in Ofcom's most recent customer service report (2017).


Verdict: Average

There's not much to see here, though based on Ofcom's report on mobile network Three, don't expect gold standard customer service from iD Mobile.

iD Mobile extras and benefits

  • Data rollover - get a second chance to use any unused data each month
  • Data capping - limit your monthly spend to an amount you are comfortable with
  • Wi-Fi Calling - use a Wi-Fi network to make and take calls
  • EU Roaming - all iD Mobile plans come with inclusive EU roaming


Verdict: Average

As iD Mobile focuses on keeping things simple and prices low, there isn’t much in the way of perks - but data rollover is always welcome.

Overall verdict

This is a good value network which doesn’t offer much in the way of extras but keeps prices low and has a decent range of long-term mobile contracts and SIM plans.

If you want the latest iPhone or Google handset you won’t find them here. But if you’re happy enough with a mid-rage phone from companies like Huawei and Alcatel, you should find a plan that’s right for you. Light to medium data users are well catered for, though heavy data users should probably look elsewhere.

As iD Mobile is powered by the Three network, customers shouldn’t experience any significant coverage issues. In a congested and often confusing mobile market, there’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple. Credit where credit’s due to iD Mobile for doing exactly this.

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