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If you're looking for a SIM-only deal, iD Mobile is a great choice. By grabbing one of its SIM plans, you can keep your phone (or buy a snazzy new one outright), and still get all the benefits of an iD Mobile deal. Plus, you're able to change your plan more often, so you always have the best possible SIM.

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Compare iD Mobile SIM-only deals

Use our dedicated search tool to compare iD Mobile SIM-only deals now. You’ll find options to suit every budget, with the added bonus of greater flexibility that SIM-only deals bring.

iD Mobile SIM-only plans are available on short, one month rolling contracts, so you can change deals whenever you like. Alternatively, you can save money by taking out a longer 12 month plan.

Best iD mobile sim-only deals this week

Is iD Mobile a good network?

iD Mobile is one of the best networks around when it comes to SIM-only deals. It’s powered by Three, meaning it covers 99% of the UK’s population, and takes advantage of one of the best 5G networks in the country.

Throw in support for handy features like WiFi Calling and you’ve got all the makings of a great network that offers deals which won’t break the bank.

It also offers inclusive data roaming to 50 destinations across Europe, meaning you can use your calls, texts and data as you would at home without having to pay a premium.

What SIM-only deals can I get from iD Mobile?

iD Mobile SIM-only deals all come with unlimited calls and texts as standard, as well as WiFI Calling, bill capping and the option to rollover data.

While unlimited data allowance isn’t available, its packages reach up to 100GB, meaning even the most avid of mobile users won’t struggle to stay online.

All of its packages come with 5G, meaning SIMs will work seamlessly with the very latest handsets from Apple, Samsung and Google.

You can get one month or 12 month iD Mobile SIM-only plans. The latter are great if you want to keep costs as low as possible, while the former still offer excellent value, but also allow for maximum flexibility, meaning you can change plan or leave whenever you wish.

What benefits does iD Mobile offer?

iD Mobile comes with a huge range of benefits, made all the more impressive by the low price tag for its plans. These include:

  • Bill capping and data rollover - never overspend and ensure that any data you don’t use one month you can still take advantage of the next.
  • Free roaming - at a time when rivals are charging to use your phone in Europe, iD Mobile offers free roaming in 50 European destinations.
  • 5G as standard - all deals offer access to the fastest speeds around
  • WiFi Calling - make calls over WiFi when at home

Can I use my iD Mobile SIM abroad?

Yes, you can use your iD Mobile SIM while abroad. iD Mobile offers free data roaming in 50 destinations across Europe, making it one of the best networks around for those who like to travel but don’t want to pay extra for the privilege of using their phone while doing so.

iD operates a fair usage policy for data roaming, meaning it’ll warn you if you’re using your phone to get online abroad more often than you are in the UK. For casual users this is unlikely to be an issue.

Cheapest iD Mobile SIM-only deal this week

Cheap SIM deals have lower allowances, are often on longer contract terms, and may be missing some of the features and extras of a more premium SIM plan. Existing customers can sometimes snag even better deals too.

To find the cheapest iD Mobile SIM option that suits you, just use our comparison table. Narrow the deals down with the filters, then use the 'sort by' toggle to order them by monthly cost. This will push the cheapest deals up to the top so you can see them first.

Can I get unlimited data with an iD Mobile SIM?

Unfortunately, unlimited data SIMs aren't available from iD Mobile. For unlimited data, you may have to go for a different provider. See our guide to unlimited data deals for more info on how to find a deal.

You can, however, get an iD Mobile SIM-only deal with a high allowance. Ones which even the most hardcore of users would struggle to max out

Just sort the comparison grid by data allowance to see the most data-heavy plans at the top - or choose a minimum monthly allowance in the filters.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I keep my mobile number if I switch to an iD Mobile SIM-only deal?

Yes, you can keep your mobile number if you switch to iD Mobile. By law, your current network must give you a PAC number on request, usually via text or over the phone.

Once you give this to iD Mobile, it will start the process of transferring your number across.

How long do iD Mobile SIM only contracts last?

iD Mobile SIM only contracts last for one or 12 months. The latter are more affordable but the former offer greater flexibility.

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