Compare 30-day SIM-only deals

30-day SIM plans are perfect when you only need a mobile deal for a short time - they only last for a month, after all. Whether you're saving up for a new phone, waiting for a big flagship smartphone to come out, or if you're only in the country for a short while, a one-month SIM-only deal is the perfect solution.

You can put them in any mobile phone you want, so long as it's unlocked and you get the correct size SIM card. As well as that, they're almost always rolling contracts - they renew automatically every month until you want to cancel. Just remember to end your plan when you're ready to move on.

How to choose a 30-day SIM-only deal

Easy - use our mobile deal comparison tool. We'll show you tons of SIM plans from all corners of the mobile market, including major networks as well as smaller ones, so you can compare all the available options.

Compare SIM-only deals

To find 30-day SIM deals, just select the '1 month' contract length from the toggle at the side of the page.

You can filter by anything else you want to as well, such as budget, network, and monthly allowance - and sort the results by cost to see the cheapest deals first. Then simply click on one you like, and we'll take you straight to the provider to sign up.

Who offers 30-day SIM-only deals?

You aren't short on choice for rolling one-month SIMs - tons of networks offer this kind of plan. They include…

  • Asda Mobile - Technically only offers pay-as-you-go SIMs, but you can buy bundles of minutes, texts, and data that can be set to renew every month.
  • FreedomPop - Even has a tariff that's completely free, but you can pay a bit extra for more monthly allowance if you need it (and you probably will).
  • Giffgaff - Also technically a pay-as-you-go network, but again you can buy 30-day 'goodybags' of allowances.
  • iD Mobile - Carphone Warehouse's network, famed for its cheap-as-chips plans.
  • O2 - Has a really good range of SIM deals, plus you get access to things like O2 Priority.
  • Plusnet Mobile - Offers value plans, and extra discounts on top of that for Plusnet broadband customers.
  • Three - Has a huge spread of tariffs to choose from, and you can even get unlimited data.
  • TPO Mobile, aka The People's Operator - Low cost SIM plans, and 10% of your bill goes to a good cause of your choice.
  • Virgin Mobile - Its 'flexible freestyle' system lets you easily change up your plan whenever you like.
  • Vodafone - Lots of choice, reliable service, and free extras thrown in on Vodafone Red plans.

What's the best 30-day SIM deal?

The best 30-day SIM deal is the one that gives you everything you want from your mobile plan at the lowest price. That's where our comparison table comes in: just enter all your important criteria and we'll do the rest.

However, there are a few things you can do to get a cheap 30-day SIM, such as…

  • Choosing a budget network, smaller provider, or MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) - such as giffgaff or iD Mobile
  • Picking a lower allowance - if it turns out to be too low, you can always move up to a larger one next month
  • Looking out for existing customer deals - your current network may offer these for loyal users

Bear in mind that most of the time, 30-day plans are a little more expensive per month than longer-term contracts from the same network. This is why comparing deals to find a cheap one that works for you is key.

What's good about 30-day SIM-only deals?

  • They're flexible - you can change or cancel a plan whenever you want
  • Ideal for short-term use if you only need a plan for a short while
  • There's loads of choice of tariffs from lots of networks
  • 30-day SIM plans without a credit check are available

What's bad about 30-day SIM-only deals?

  • Usually more expensive per month than 12-month or 24-month SIM deals
  • You need to buy or already own a phone
  • Switching networks for only a short time can be hassle