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Lyca Mobile specialises in low cost SIMs. But its key USP is that you get international call minutes with every contract. So it's a great bet if you've got friends and family who live overseas.

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Is Lyca Mobile a good network?

In a nutshell, yes. With keen prices and better-than-average allowances for your outlay, Lyca Mobile has got a lot to recommend it to anyone on a tight budget.

Where it really stands out, though, is that all plans comes with international minutes. That frees you to make calls to far-flung locations, such as India, Australia and China, without having to worry about racking up huge charges or paying for an add-on.

Customer service is a strong point, too. Something that’s underscored by a Trust Pilot rating of 4.65, which is significantly better than larger, household-name networks.

Coverage comes courtesy of O2, on whose network Lyca Mobile’s service is based. And the good news is that all plans come with 5G for no extra charge.

There are some downsides, of course. Not least the fact that unlike Vodafone, O2 and EE, you don’t get flashy extras such as customer rewards schemes or freebies. 

Furthermore, Lyca Mobile only currently offers 5G support for Android phones, although it's working on enabling 5G with iOS devices.

What SIM only deals can I get from Lyca Mobile?

Lyca Mobile offers a wide range of plans. And at the time of writing (June 2022), these start from an exceptionally reasonable £5 per month.

You’ve got the option of 30-day plans, which operate on a one-month, rolling-contract basis. Or you can sign up for a longer-term contract, lasting three-months, six-months or a year.

That aside, the key decision you’ll have to make is whether you want a National or International plan.

Alongside UK allowances and inclusive EU roaming, both types of plan include an allowance of international call minutes for getting in touch with friends and family who are overseas.

But while national plans typically get you 100 international minutes per month, you get much more.

For instance, the Lyca Globe plan and All in one Plus 20 include 3,000 overseas minutes and unlimited international minutes respectively.

What benefits does Lyca Mobile offer?

If you choose Lyca Mobile you won’t get flashy rewards schemes, subscriptions to streaming services and freebies. Those are reserved for the likes of O2, EE and Vodafone customers.

However, what you do get is an allocation of international minutes with every contract.

If you’re someone with friends and family living overseas and expect to call them a lot, the international minutes allocation alone makes Lyca Mobile a good choice. 

Unlike most other networks, Lyca Mobile customers also still get inclusive EU roaming.

So you can use your UK allowances and have to pay extra to buy an add-on when you’re holidaying in the EU.

Cheapest Lyca Mobile SIM only deals this week

Provider Data Amount Contract Length Monthly Costs
ID sim only 40GB data 24 months £8.00
  • ID sim only
    • 40GB of 5G data
    • Unlimited minutes
    • Unlimited texts
    • download speed limit
    • Bill capping and data rollover
    • £8.00 per month
    24 month contract From

We’ve rounded up our pick of cheap Lyca Mobile SIMs above. Can’t see one that suits you? You’ll find a wider selection of Lyca Mobile SIM contracts in the table at the top of this page.

How does Lyca Mobile compare to other SIM only networks?

Alongside the likes of Plusnet Mobile, giffgaff and Lebara, Lyca Mobile is a network that sets a lot of store on value.

It’s significantly cheaper than household names, such as O2, Vodafone and EE. And priced broadly in line with its low cost competitors for comparable data, calls and SMS allowances.

Coverage, which comes courtesy of O2’s extensive network, is nationwide and signal strength and data speeds are decent.

Lyca Mobile, in turn, offers a few things that those networks do not. Not least inclusive EU roaming with your UK allowances, as well as an allowance of international call minutes on every SIM only plan.

Team that with flexible 30-day contracts that let you change your allowance from month to month and Lyca Mobile is a really good bet.

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