How much is my old phone worth?

Believe it or not, that old handset gathering dust in your drawer could be worth a fair bit of cash. Heck, if it’s relatively new, you could even pocket hundreds of pounds.

Question is: How do you tell how much your phone is worth to a reseller?

Let's take a look...

Nowadays, mobile manufacturers churn out smartphones faster than bestsellers and, more often than not, these new devices aren't necessarily much better than their predecessors.

Still, this mass production does mean that the spare phone in your drawer at home could be worth quite a bit of cash.

Are old phones worth anything?

Absolutely. But not every phone will fetch in the big bucks.

You see, the value a recycler puts on your phone really depends on things like how old the phone is, what model it is, what colour it is and - perhaps most importantly - what condition it’s in.

For example, a beat-up iPhone 4 probably won’t be worth much - maybe a couple of pounds. Whereas an iPhone 6S - even with minimal wear and tear - could fetch in just short of £100.

Heck, some sites even list really old phones like the Nokia 3310 at around £50, just because of its rarity.

So, get looking through those drawers - they could be harboring a fair bit of cash.

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Which phones are worth the most money?

Naturally, an iPhone or Samsung, particularly a newer model - will be worth more than one of the more obscure brands.

Right now, for example, a Samsung Galaxy S8 in fairly good nick could fetch in up to £177, and an iPhone XS with 64GB of memory could pocket you hundreds of pounds, too.

These days, Huawei devices are worth a fair bit, too - with a working Mate 20 Pro expected to fetch in a few hundred pounds. 

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What’s the best way to sell my phone?

Again, it depends who you ask.

You see, while selling your phone on platforms like Amazon and eBay has the potential to be more lucrative than a reseller, you’re also more likely to go through a bad experience, too.

To that end, if you do plan on buying or selling your phone online, we recommend using a reputable reseller, who can vouch for the companies it lists on its website site.

Do I need to do anything before I sell my phone?

Whether you sell your phone through a reseller or opt to sell it yourself on platforms like eBay, there a few important things to do first.

  • Remove your SIM card. Obvious perhaps, but it’s easy to forget to remove your SIM card, especially when you have a new handset.
  • Back up your device. If you have any sensitive data on your phone, make sure you back it up. There a few ways to back up your phone - on iPhone, for example, go to Settings, iCloud then back-up. On Android, hit System, Advanced and Backup. 
  • Cancel your current contract. If you are currently with a provider, double check that you have cancelled your current mobile contract. If not, you could be incurring unwanted charges.
  • Log out from all of your social media accounts. Just to be on the safe side, make sure you log out of any social media accounts.
  • Remove any personal data from your phone. The easiest way to do this is to perform a factory reset. To do this on an Android phone, hit ‘Settings’ and for iOS check ‘General Settings’.
  • Clean your device. Lastly, we recommend giving your device a thorough Spring clean - go over any fingerprints with a fine tooth comb. This will only add value to your device.

So, there you have it. If you have a dusty old phone in your drawer at home, dig it out - it might be worth a bob or two! To find out how much your device could be worth, hit the button below:

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