Refurbished Samsung Galaxy deals in December

Best refurbished Samsung Galaxy deals in December

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If buying a new Samsung Galaxy handset via an expensive long-term mobile contract is beyond your means, a refurbished phone can be a more affordable option. A refurbished phone is a phone that once belonged to someone else, has been restored to its factory settings and given an extensive check, repair and clean.

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What is a refurbished Samsung Galaxy phone?

A refurbished phone will previously have belonged to someone else, but don’t just think of it as a second-hand handset. If it’s refurbished, it means the phone has been restored to its factory settings and given a thorough maintenance check and repair - as well as a good clean and polish.

There are lots of reasons why someone has returned or got rid of a phone, such as:

  • The phone had a fault, was returned, and the fault has now been fixed.
  • The owner upgraded to a new phone and recycled or sold their old one.
  • The owner changed their mind a few days after buying the phone - and sent it back.
  • It was a company phone that isn't needed any more.

New Samsung Galaxy handsets sit at the premium end of the mobile market and have been built to a high standard, so it’s important to note that a refurbished Samsung phone is not a second-class handset.

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What are the best refurbished Samsung deals?

The best deals on refurbished Samsung phones will depend on your needs and how you use your phone. You can search our deals table to see what’s on offer from different mobile networks and retailers.

Here's a list of the refurbished Samsung handsets you can compare:

Have an idea of the number of minutes and texts you will need each month - and consider how you use data. The more data you need, the more expensive the deal. For example: watching a lot of movies on the go and streaming music will suck up a lot data, which means you’ll need a decent data allowance in your contract.

You can also compare refurbished Samsung mobile contracts from different networks and balance an upfront cost against the monthly fee.

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What are the cheapest refurbished Samsung phones?

Signing up for a refurbished mobile phone contract can often be a lot cheaper than a new mobile contract. However, you’ll probably only notice a real price difference on older generation Samsung phones.

Each time a new Samsung Galaxy model is released, older models get offloaded, and so you should be able to pick up these handsets on cheaper refurbished contracts.

But premium phones (such as Samsung and iPhones) do tend to retain their value for longer, so just because it’s last year’s model, don’t expect a huge price drop. You should start to notice significant savings once a Samsung model is three or four generations old.

When deciding on what type of refurbished Samsung mobile contract to go for, consider how you want to split your costs, as some networks will vary the upfront fee against the monthly contract cost.

Some require a large sum upfront and then a lower monthly fee, while others flip this and include a higher monthly fee, but you’ll pay less upfront.

What are the benefits of a getting a refurbished Samsung?

  • It can work out a lot cheaper than a new mobile contract.
  • You can get most of the features of the latest Samsung Galaxy handset, but at a more affordable price.
  • It will have been thoroughly tested and should function as new.
  • You'll have more control over which mobile network you choose.
  • Recycling phones is better for the environment.