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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

If you’re looking for a little more pizzazz from your Galaxy S8, check out the S8 Plus. A large 6.2-inch screen, top-drawer specs and some extra functionality make it a very attractive proposition.

As new Samsung Galaxy models are released, prices will gradually come down on older models as people look to upgrade their phones - particularly for refurbished mobile contracts.

What's the difference between a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and a refurbished model?

Generally, there are two reasons why handsets are returned, a) the phone has a fault, b) the customer changed their mind.

Good thing is, though, refurbished phones would have been restored to their factory settings and given a thorough maintenance check and repair - so they should work as new.

Why choose a second-hand Samsung Galaxy S8 over a brand-new model?

Thinking of buying a refurbished handset? Here's refurbished might be the best option for you:

  • You'll save money. Refurbished phones are cheaper than buying brand-new models.
  • Warranty. If you buy from an established retailer or one of the major networks, you’ll likely get a warranty. The warranty usually lasts around 12-months, though the time period will vary depending on the manufacturer.
  • Lots of choice. When you opt for a refurbished handset, you'll over which device, network and allowance.
  • It's eco-friendly. Naturally, recycling phones is better for the environment.

Search our deals table of mobile networks and retailers to find a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deal.Use the filters to find the right tariff, texts, data and storage options. You can also vary the balance between your monthly fee and any upfront cost.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 worth buying?

Like its smaller sibling, the Galaxy S8 Plus is a sleek, classy-looking smartphone. But unlike the S8, it’s huge, so if you need a super-sized upgrade, this could be the handset for you.

With its high-end specs, the S8 Plus is fast and powerful and captures the perfect balance between handset size and its stunning 6.2-inch display. It also comes with very good battery life and excellent camera functionality.

As with the S8, there are still some question marks over the rear fingerprint sensor and virtual assistant Bixby - but this is still a superb flagship Samsung handset.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is available with 64GB of internal storage for your apps, files and pics. You can get this model in Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Coral Blue, Arctic Silver, Maple Gold and Rose Pink.

What’s the difference between a refurbished and nearly new handset?

Generally, a nearly new handset is one that has been returned within seven days. More often than not these handsets would have only left their box a few times.

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