It couldn’t be easier to sell your Apple iPad. There are just three simple steps you need to follow right here at Compare My Mobile.

  1. Compare prices. Pick your iPad model from the list above or enter the model name into the search bar to see what price you can get. Remember to tell us if it’s broken, working or brand new.
  2. Pop it in the post. Our recycling partners will send you a postage pack - almost always for free - so you can send it to them for a speedy once over.
  3. Get paid! Once your old iPad has been checked, your chosen recycler will pay you. It really is that simple.

Sell your old iPad for cash

Whether you have an original iPad or one of the very latest versions of Apple’s best selling tablet, recyclers are willing to buy from you.

The iPad was first launched by Steve Jobs way back in 2010. It wasn’t the first tablet to hit the market, but its combination of Apple’s incredible design and breezy user experience ensured it was an instant hit.

It was quickly followed by the hugely popular iPad 2 and then the smaller iPad mini, featuring a compact screen and lower price tag.

The slimline iPad Air and then the business-focused iPad Pro were next, with Apple continuing its commitment to its tablet range right up to the present day.

Your iPad will either be a WifFi only or WiFi and Cellular model. The latter have a SIM slot, with older models supporting 3G and 4G and the newest versions coming with 5G. Storage varies and you can check yours by heading into the About section of the Settings app.

Whatever iPad you have, a recycler will have a price for you. So get searching now

How to trade in an iPad

The process for trading in an iPad is the same whether you have a vintage iPad 2 or a sparkling new iPad Pro.

Simply search for it here at Compare My Mobile and see what price recyclers can offer you. We have over 30 recycling partners for you to choose from.

You can sell a broken iPad too, just remember to tell recyclers it’s not working properly. You’ll still get cash, but not as much as if your iPad was in full working order.

Once you’ve picked your deal, the recycler will send you a postage pack for you to send it in. When they say it’s passed their tests, you’ll get paid. Easy as that.

What condition can I sell my iPad in?

You can sell your iPad in any condition. It can be mint, having spent its life tucked away in a case and used with utmost care, or with a broken screen and scratches across its rear.

Just remember that your iPad will be worth less if it’s broken or not working. Be honest about its condition when selling and you’re more likely to get the originally offered price when you get paid by the recycler you choose.

How much is my iPad worth?

It depends on which model you have, its storage capacity, how old it is, if it connects to 3G/4G/5G and whether it’s broken.

A broken iPad will always be worth less than a working one, but recyclers will still pay cash for it, as they can reuse the parts or refurbish it to sell on to someone else.

An iPad Pro with 512GB of storage and 5G access, then expect top dollar. If you have an old iPad 2 with a broken screen, you can still get some cash in hand, but not as much as for a newer tablet.

What happens after I trade in my iPad?

Once your iPad is traded in, your recycler will pay you. This will usually be by bank transfer, although some recyclers may have the option of choosing to be paid by cheque or via PayPal.

Once they have your iPad, recyclers may take it apart and use components to fix other models they want to sell on. If it’s in good condition, they may choose to sell it as is.

Before you trade in, remember to back your iPad up using iCloud and perform a factory reset to protect your personal information.

How can I tell which model of iPad I have?

It’s easy to check which iPad you have. Head into the Settings app on your iPad’s home screen and scroll down to About.

Here you’ll find the model number, storage size and whether it supports cellular as well as WiFi.

When you have that info, search to compare deals.

Can I trade in my iPhone with CompareMyMobile?

Absolutely. Trading in your iPhone with CompareMyMobile is exactly the same as trading in your iPad.

Simply search for the model you have, find the best price, tell recyclers about its condition and send it off once they send you a post pack. You’ll get paid quickly and the job will be complete before you know it.

In fact, you can sell any phone with CompareMyMobile. Just search for your device and follow the same simple steps as above.

Want to sell your old iPad? It’s easy. Just follow these three simple steps…

  1. Compare prices: Find your iPad in the list, then click through to pick your favourite deal. Remember to select whether it’s broken, working or new.
  1. Post it off: Recyclers on our site will send you a postage pack - usually for free! - so you can send your iPad off with ease.
  1. Get paid! Once the recycler has checked your iPad over they’ll pay you - simple as that!

Sell your old iPad for cash

Whatever kind of iPad you want to sell, there are recyclers who are buying.

The first iPad was launched in 2010, followed in 2011 by the next-gen iPad 2. Since then we’ve had the iPad 3 and iPad 4, each of which upped the specs a little from its predecessor - and the iPad family has grown. We’ve now got the iPad Mini range (including the iPad Mini with retina display, iPad Mini 3, and iPad Mini 4), smaller versions of the tablet with a more compact screen and body - and the iPad Pro, aimed at business use with a bigger screen and more powerful processors. You’ll also find the iPad Air and Air 2, introduced as more affordable versions of the tablet.

Your iPad will either be a Wi-Fi-only model, or one with 4G/3G - in which case it’ll have a slot to insert a SIM card - and they come in a variety of storage sizes. You can find out what yours is by referring to the manual, or checking the ‘About’ pane in the settings. And don’t worry, you’re almost certain to find a company that’ll buy your iPad whatever the model.

How to trade in an iPad

How much money you can get for recycling your iPad will depend on what kind you’ve got, and what condition it’s in. Rest assured that you can sell an iPad whether it’s new, used, or broken.

Use the tool above to select what kind of iPad you’re getting rid of, and we’ll compare trade-in prices from 30+ gadget recyclers. Pick a deal you like the look of - we recommend one that gives you lots of moolah - then click through and enter your details to find out how to send your iPad off. The buyer will send you a postage pack, and once you’ve mailed it off, they’ll pay you your cash. It really is as simple as that.