Want to sell your old iPad? It’s easy. Just follow these three simple steps…

  1. Compare prices: Find your iPad in the list, then click through to pick your favourite deal. Remember to select whether it’s broken, working or new.
  1. Post it off: Recyclers on our site will send you a postage pack - usually for free! - so you can send your iPad off with ease.
  1. Get paid! Once the recycler has checked your iPad over they’ll pay you - simple as that!

Sell your old iPad for cash

Whatever kind of iPad you want to sell, there are recyclers who are buying.

The first iPad was launched in 2010, followed in 2011 by the next-gen iPad 2. Since then we’ve had the iPad 3 and iPad 4, each of which upped the specs a little from its predecessor - and the iPad family has grown. We’ve now got the iPad Mini range (including the iPad Mini with retina display, iPad Mini 3, and iPad Mini 4), smaller versions of the tablet with a more compact screen and body - and the iPad Pro, aimed at business use with a bigger screen and more powerful processors. You’ll also find the iPad Air and Air 2, introduced as more affordable versions of the tablet.

Your iPad will either be a Wi-Fi-only model, or one with 4G/3G - in which case it’ll have a slot to insert a SIM card - and they come in a variety of storage sizes. You can find out what yours is by referring to the manual, or checking the ‘About’ pane in the settings. And don’t worry, you’re almost certain to find a company that’ll buy your iPad whatever the model.

How to trade in an iPad

How much money you can get for recycling your iPad will depend on what kind you’ve got, and what condition it’s in. Rest assured that you can sell an iPad whether it’s new, used, or broken.

Use the tool above to select what kind of iPad you’re getting rid of, and we’ll compare trade-in prices from 30+ gadget recyclers. Pick a deal you like the look of - we recommend one that gives you lots of moolah - then click through and enter your details to find out how to send your iPad off. The buyer will send you a postage pack, and once you’ve mailed it off, they’ll pay you your cash. It really is as simple as that.