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Meet CompareMyMobile's editorial team, our mobile and recycling experts who bring you the best advice, tips, and guidelines for selling or buying your mobile phone.

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Here’s who they are:

Dan Clifford, Writer

Dan has written educational articles on finance, created sales copy and website content, and was the managing editor of a financial newsletter.

He has a degree in English Literature, and enjoys reading, writing and going to gigs.

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Pete Leary, Writer

Before writing about mobile, Pete wrote and edited websites for reality TV shows, entertainment channels, interactive TV platforms and national tourist boards.

His spare time is mostly taken up with reading, cycling, going to the theatre and harrumphing at the radio.

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Jonathan Leggett, Content Editor

A tech journalist of ten years’ standing, Jonathan was covering pocket technology and telecoms when Elon Musk was still in short trousers. Whether it’s killer apps or kiloybytes, IP ratings or iOS updates, there’s not much he doesn’t know.

Before taking on the job of Decision Tech’s editor at large, Jonathan wrote about everything from Scientologist popstars to Christian video games and Nerdcore rappers. He maintains that he learned everything he knows from record sleeves.

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