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Samsung Galaxy S9

With its superb design, flawless performance and superior screen quality, the Samsung Galaxy S9 screams high-end smartphone. But you could also say the same about the Galaxy S8. So does the S9 do enough to warrant the upgrade? Read on.

What’s the best deal for the Samsung Galaxy S9?

You won’t get any Galaxy S handset from Samsung on the cheap, but there are ways to manage the cost and get yourself the best deal.

You can filter by:

  • Storage - The Samsung Galaxy S9 is available with 64GB of internal storage for your apps, files and pics, which you can expand via a microSD card.
  • Colour - You can get this model in Lilac Purple, Midnight Black or Coral Blue.
  • Monthly allowance - There's plenty of choice here over what you can get. Tariffs range from a minimal allowance up to unlimited everything. Pick a small one if you don't use your phone much, or lots of data if you like to browse and stream all day - though most of us are satisfied with 2GB-5GB of data.
  • Budget - Think about how much you're willing to spend on your mobile bill each month, and how much you can spend upfront today.
  • Network - Thanks to the Galaxy S range’s popularity, deals are available from tons of networks. Take your pick - whether you want free streaming with Three, low prices from Virgin Mobile, or a flexible contract from giffgaff. Some also have special offers for existing customers.

Once you've selected all the things that are important to you, you can sort the available deals by cost to see the cheapest, by data allowance to see the most generous, or just take a look at our top picks.

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What is the Samsung Galaxy S9 like?

The Galaxy S9 is a stylish and elegant addition to the premium Samsung range - and it’s powerful, too.

A slick, curved design, with a decent 5.8-inch screen that stretches right down the sides of the handset, houses superfast processors, 4GB of RAM and one of the best cameras on the market.

With its variable-aperture lens, you’ll have no problems getting the best out of both day and night photography. The S9 also includes more memory which means the extra shots the camera takes every time you shoot combine to achieve the best shot - and you won’t even notice.

It’s an excellent phone. But so is the Galaxy S8, and that comes in a few hundred pounds cheaper - so whether you splash out for the S9 probably depends on your budget.

Compare the best Samsung Galaxy S9 deals

What is the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S9 deal?

Top-tier premium smartphones like the Galaxy S9 don’t come cheap, but there are different ways to pay for a mobile contract - particularly if you don’t want to pay an upfront fee.

Consider how you want to split your costs, as some mobile suppliers will vary the upfront fee against the monthly contract cost. Some require a large sum upfront and then a lower monthly fee, while others flip this and include a higher monthly fee, but you’ll pay less upfront.

To get a contract deal at the lowest possible cost, you can...

  • Choose an MVNO or budget network, such as giffgaff or Sky Mobile. These networks have lower operating costs, and therefore cost you less too.
  • Go for a lower allowance or lower internal storage size - but make sure you still have enough to cover you for the next two years.
  • Get a refurbished model which has been previously owned or returned.
  • Buy through a reseller - like Carphone Warehouse or Buymobiles, which offer pay-monthly contracts at cheaper rates.

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What is the best Samsung Galaxy S9 deal with no upfront cost?

There are mobile contracts available that don’t include an upfront charge, but this does mean your monthly fee will be higher. Such contracts will be listed as “free device”, which isn’t technically true. It just means the overall cost of the handset is spread over the duration of the contract.

On the plus side, you get a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 without paying out hundreds of pounds at the start of your contract.

Compare network deals and vary the amount you’re comfortable paying upfront against the amount you want to pay each month, until you land on the right balance.

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What is the best Samsung Galaxy S9 deal with unlimited data?

If your mobile habits include watching a lot of video, streaming music and listening to podcasts on the go, it can work out quite expensive, so it may be worth considering a mobile contract with unlimited data.

Any network supplier offering unlimited data will charge you a higher monthly fee, so before you take that option, it’s worth considering monthly data needs. You may find a contract that includes, say, 15GB of data is enough.

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