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A bigger cousin of the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus is one of Apple's high-powered 'phablets' - meaning it's sized somewhere between a phone and a tablet. It's got a few other upgrades added on too that make it a joy to use, meaning this is a phone well worth considering.

Compare deals on the iPhone 8 Plus right now, or keep reading to find out how to get the best one.

Compare iPhone 8 Plus deals

What is the iPhone 8 Plus like?

Hailing from Apple's 'Plus' range of phones, the iPhone 8 Plus is just that bit larger, sporting a bigger screen and some better innards too. Apart from its size, it has the same cool design as the regular iPhone 8, complete with the shiny glass back that allows for wireless charging.

The display is a whopping 5.5 inches in size, with a crisp 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution. True Tone tech means it can adapt to the lighting around it, so it's always nice and clear.

Another big improvement is in the camera. On the back, there's a dual-lens 12MP snapper, complete with 2x optical zoom and Portrait Mode for more professional-looking snaps.

It's also a whole lot more powerful, rocking hexa-core processors and 3GB of RAM. Battery life is far better too, and it even has fast charging.

There's no headphone port with this iPhone, though - you'll need to use the included Lightning port adaptor to plug standard headphones in.

How to find the best iPhone 8 Plus deal

Use CompareMyMobile's comparison tool to find the best iPhone 8 Plus deal. We pull in deals from a bunch of UK networks and resellers so you can sort through them and see which one is best for you. The filters at the side of the page will help you narrow them down to ones that fit what you need.

Compare iPhone 8 Plus deals

Think about everything you want from your plan, such as…


Choose how many calling minutes, texts, and megabytes of data you want per month on your plan.

For data, most people use around 2-4GB a month, but that can vary a lot between users. You'll likely want an allowance on the larger side for a phone like this - it's great for powering games, streaming HD films, and even getting work done. For more info, see our guide: How much mobile data do I need?


There's plenty of choice here, and each network comes with its own special benefits. EE has the fastest 4G; Three lets you stream on certain apps without using up your data allowance; O2 and Sky Mobile offer flexible handset upgrades; and small networks like iD Mobile and giffgaff pride themselves on being great value.


To find what you want at the lowest price, sort the deals by cost using the menu at the top. Alternatively, set a maximum price in the side filters - that way, you'll only see iPhone 8 Plus deals you can afford.

What's the cheapest iPhone 8 Plus deal?

You'll find the cheapest iPhone 8 Plus deal for you by sorting the comparison table by total cost, which shows you deals with the best overall value. Pick everything you want from the side filters, then use the sorter to push the lowest priced plans to the top of the grid.

The cheapest iPhone 8 Plus deals of all are usually ones on value networks; deals only available through resellers; or deals on refurbished handsets.

Lower monthly allowances and models with lower storage capacity mean cheaper prices too - but make sure you still have enough space and data for how much you use.

Cheap iPhone 8 Plus deals

iPhone 8 Plus deals with unlimited data

Unlimited data deals on the iPhone 8 Plus are available from a couple of networks. To see them, switch the data allowance filter in the sidebar to 'unlimited', and we'll show you everything you can get.

Unlimited data iPhone 8 Plus deals

Even networks that don't offer unlimited data usually offer deals with big allowances. Almost all networks have 10GB+ plans in their arsenal - and some even have contracts with 100GB per month.

Think about how much data you use in a month, and take a look at deals with enough data to cover it. You may be able to save a bit of money by choosing a slightly more limited plan.

iPhone 8 Plus deals with no upfront cost

There are iPhone deals out there to suit any budget - including iPhone 8 Plus contracts with nothing to pay upfront. To find them, select 'free' under the phone cost filter on the comparison grid… or just click the link below.

No upfront cost iPhone 8 Plus deals

Bear in mind that spending less on a phone today does mean higher monthly bills than you'll see on deals with higher upfront costs.

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