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The iPhone X is Apple's biggest and best phone to date. It has top-tier specs, an amazing screen, superb cameras, and impressive security features like facial recognition

First things first - the 'X' is a 10. Yes, we know it sounds cooler if you say it as a letter, but Apple insists it’s a number and they're the ones who made the thing, so…

Semantics aside, it's an absolutely stonking phone. It's got fantastic specs, the best screen we've ever seen on an iPhone, loads of storage, top notch cameras, and impressive security features like face recognition.

Plus you can use the camera to essentially superimpose your own facial movements on a cartoon poop. It's the little things that make it special.

You can find great deals on the iPhone X, by using our comparison tool. Or read on for a little more information about the smartphone and some top tips to getting the best deal.

Compare iPhone X deals

What is the iPhone X like?

Apple was clearly trying something new with the iPhone X. While the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus follow a similar design to previous models, the X has a radically different design to those handsets, with a distinct look and some unique - and rather brilliant - functionality.

Here's a brief rundown of what you get:

Screen - the iPhone X has a bigger, brighter and better screen than previous models. It's AMOLED, with a 1125x2436 pixel resolution. Not only is it inanely sharp, it's also huge - 5.8 inches - and spreads right to the edges of the front. Because there's almost no bezel, the phone itself doesn't feel oversized - it's comfortable to hold in one hand for most people.

Performance - the iPhone X is an absolute beast. It features the hexacore Apple A11 chip and 3GB RAM.

Camera - now this is impressive. It has dual 12MP lenses on the rear, one a telephoto lens capable of 2x zoom. On the front, is a 7MP camera, which is capable of taking some surprisingly high quality selfies.

Battery - The iPhone X is a step from previous iPhone when it comes to longevity. Its battery is bigger even than the one in the supersize iPhone 8 Plus and should last a full day for most users.

Features - The iPhone X is Apple's most feature-rich phone yet. Just some of the cool things it can do include:

  • FACE ID - facial recognition security lets you unlock your handset or pay for things with your face.
  • Wireless charging - pick up a charging plate, and you can juice up your iPhone X wirelessly.
  • Up to 256GB storage - two internal memory options are available - 64GB and 256GB. That's plenty of room for photos, apps and messages. And don't forget, you have free iCloud online storage too.
  • Interactive emoji - use the front camera to record your voice and facial expressions and supplant them on an emoji. Animals, faces, even poos - they're all there to play with. Nobody will judge you.

How to find the best iPhone X deal

If you're chasing the best deal on an iPhone X, you're already in the right place. Our mobile comparison tool will let you see loads of plans side by side, making it a simple matter to find the best price.

Compare iPhone X deals

The tool really is simplicity itself to use, but here's what you need to do:

  1. Refine your search - on the results grid, you'll see filters that let you set your preferences and customise your search. For example, you can cut out plans that don't include enough data, choose a particular network, set a maximum you're willing to spend upfront, and sort by monthly cost, the cost of the whole contract and more.
  2. Choose your model - which version of the iPhone X do you want? You'll be able to see all colours and storage options here - and naturally filter the results to only see the ones you want.
  3. Pick a deal - once you find a deal you like, simply click the link and we'll send you to that provider's website so you can buy it.

Compare iPhone X deals

What's the cheapest iPhone X deal?

The iPhone X is a premium phone and it typically comes with a premium price tag. In other words, it ain't cheap, but you can still find deals that work out less than others.

As to which is the cheapest, that honestly depends on when you're looking. Use our comparison tool and sort by total cost and we'll show you the lowest-cost deal we can find. Alternatively, if you want to minimise your spend each month, you can sort by monthly cost instead.

Here are a few other tips that might help you find a cheaper deal:

  1. Choose the 64GB iPhone X
  2. Use a reseller instead of going directly through a network
  3. Choose a low-cost network like giffgaff or iD Mobile

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Can I get an iPhone X with unlimited data?

You can! Not many retailers offer unlimited data - the only truly unlimited plan comes from Three. Others like giffgaff advertise unlimited data, but they can include caveats such as a cutting your speed if you go over a certain amount.

You can compare unlimited deals here:

Compare unlimited iPhone X deals

Can I get an iPhone X with no upfront cost?

It is possible to find deals with no upfront cost. Simply use our comparison service to see the various options.

A word of warning though - these plans will work out more expensive each month than those that require you to splash a bit of cash upfront. If you can afford it, it may be cheaper to pay a little for the iPhone X

Compare no upfront cost iPhone X deals

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