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We want you to get the best deal for your old device, but it's also important to us that you do it with a trustworthy recycler. We rate each company, and show customer reviews so you can make an educated decision about which to sell your device to.

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How to sell your phone

  1. Search for your device: Head over to our homepage and start typing the name of your gadget in the search box.
  2. Compare all available recyclers: See offers from different companies and pick the one you like. Click through, and we'll send you where you need to go to sell.
  3. Cha-Ching! You're done! Post off your device to the recycler. Once they've checked your device and confirmed the condition, you'll be paid in just a few days!

Payment options

There are loads of ways you can get your cash when you sell your phone or tablet. Many people think that recyclers send a cheque, but that's not the only option. Common payment types include:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque
  • PayPal
  • Voucher / gift Card
  • Donation to charity
  • In-store credit

When you choose a recycler, we'll show all of the payment options available, so you can pick the one that's most convenient for you.

Postage tips

Most recyclers will send you a pre-paid postage pack, or printable label, so you can send your phone to them free of charge. Even so, if you're sending an expensive device, we strongly recommend using Royal Mail special/recorded delivery, so you can track your device and make sure it reaches its destination safely.

Recorded first and second class delivery includes a signature on receiving the device, allow you to track packages online and insures whatever you are sending to the value of £50. The best choice though is to spend a bit more and send it using special delivery - this tracks your device online, provides signature proof it has arrived, and offers compensation for any lost items valued above £50.

When you send your package, make sure it is packaged securely, and include protection like padding to avoid harm in transit. If a phone gets to the recycler damaged, you may receive a reduced quote.

Determining the condition of your device

The better condition your gadget is in, the better the offer you'll see. If you've kept your phone or tablet in good nick, you could earn a tidy sum, but you'll still be able to sell it if the device has taken damage.

Recyclers will willingly accept devices with cosmetic damage, malfunctions, or battery problems. Some will even take severely damaged handsets - check out our guide to selling broken phones to find out more.

When you sell your device, you'll be given information on how to determine the condition. Recyclers may have different criteria, but they'll run you through their expectations when giving you your quote. Be honest about the quality - if the company receives a phone in worse condition than stated, it will send you a lower quote. You can either accept this, or ask for your phone to be returned.