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Our expert Sell Phones review

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Sell Phones offer competitive prices and quick payments. The recycling company accepts a broad range of phone models, from iPhones to Motorolas. It prides itself on being trustworthy, easy to use, and secure. The company also offers a free data wipe for all electronics it buys.

How It Works

Select the device you want to sell. Be honest about the condition it's in so you'll see the most accurate price.

Once your order has been placed with Sell Phones, remove your SIM card and securely package the device. Then send it special delivery to ensure you can track it.

Sell Phones will inspect your phone. If it matches the condition stated, it will pay you the offered price. Otherwise, the company will send you a revised quote by email - you have five days to accept or reject the amount. Should you reject it, your handset will be returned free of charge.

If you have accepted their offer, Sell Phones will pay you within two working days.

Customer reviews

"Great reliable honest" - David

"Was brilliant would defiantly recommend this company/service." - Cheri

"Reasonable price for phone condition. Easy process, good communication all along and quick payment."

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