Exactly how much will recyclers pay for your old Apple Watch? Here are a few tips to help you find out.

What can I get for my old Apple Watch?

Exactly how much your old Apple Watch will sell for depends on a few things. Different recycling companies offer varying prices, for a start - so it’s always best to use a comparison service like ours to see all your options. Apple does have its own trade-in programme, but it might not get you the most money.

The model and condition of your watch will mean different quotes, too. Newer ones pull in more cash - and the better the condition it’s in, the more you’ll get. Larger models of Apple Watch, which cost more to buy in the first place, generally sell for more as well.

Just make sure you select the right kind of watch from our list, as well as the right condition, and you’ll get accurate quotes.

Can I sell a used or broken Apple Watch?

Yes, there are recyclers out there who will make you an offer on a used or broken Apple Watch. Select ‘broken’ in the condition tab at the top of the comparison grid, and we’ll show you all the prices we can find from recyclers.

Do be honest about what condition it’s in, though - if a recycler gets your Apple Watch and finds it’s not in the state it expected, you’ll get a revised quote in your email, which may be lower than you were expecting.

And while a lot of recyclers will accept watches with cracked screens or scratches, we’re afraid most won’t take ones with water damage.

Why use CompareMyMobile?

At CompareMyMobile, we compare offers on smartwatches, mobile phones, and other devices from loads of different gadget recyclers - and many of them will buy your old Apple Watch. By comparing your offers, you can make more money than you would by going direct, since you can see what the best price is. And with thousands of customer reviews on all our recyclers, you know exactly what you can expect from each one, so you can send your Apple Watch off to a company you trust.