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Sheffield's friendliest broadband provider also offers mobile deals - and they're just as good value and straightforward as you'd expect. Compare Plusnet Mobile deals with CompareMyMobile right now, or read on to find out more about what you can get from the network.

Plusnet Mobile phone plans

Plusnet Mobile's main draw is its one-month SIM-only deals. They come with nice low costs, and there are just enough options available to suit most users.

You can also get contracts that include a phone, though only through mobile resellers rather than directly from Plusnet.

And if you have Plusnet broadband at home, you'll also have access to 'Mates Rates' on its plans. That could mean extra data allowance, a lower price, or special offers that aren't available to everyone else.

Plusnet Mobile SIM-only deals

There's a small range of value SIM-only deals from Plusnet Mobile. All are rolling 30-day plans, so you can cancel it or change your allowance at any point if it's not working for you.

The smallest plan you can get has 500MB data, 250 minutes, and 500 texts per month; and the largest has 4GB data with unlimited calls and texts.

It doesn't offer any big data allowances, unfortunately, but for light to medium use you have a good few options. A 'double data' option on the highest plan is sometimes available for Plusnet broadband users too, giving you up to 8GB data a month.

To compare Plusnet Mobile SIM deals and pick a plan, take a look at them all with our comparison tool. Enter your preferences in the sidebar to show only the deals that are relevant to you - including the allowance you need, the budget you can spend, and whether or not you want to see existing customer deals. Or take a look at our best SIM-only deals.

Plusnet Mobile contract phones

Right now, Plusnet Mobile doesn't offer phone contract plans directly - but many resellers offer them with a Plusnet SIM. These are companies like Carphone Warehouse and, who get handsets and SIM plans in bulk then sell them onto you at lower prices.

If you like the sound of a Plusnet Mobile SIM but were hoping for a phone contract deal, you'll be pleased to hear it's still an option thanks to these resellers.

We collect deals from a number of resellers for you to compare - including Plusnet Mobile phone contracts - so you can see everything that's available from them. Take a look at them all with our tool, and find a contract that suits you.

Plusnet Mobile coverage

Plusnet Mobile connects its customers using EE's network, which happens to have the best mobile coverage in the country. 99% of the population can call and text on the network, 97% can use 3G, and the company boasts that 95% of us can now connect to 4G as well.

That's population coverage rather than geographic, however, so signal doesn't reach every inch of the country. Remember to use a coverage checker before signing up to check you're covered.

With Plusnet Mobile, you won't get 4G speeds as fast as the ones you get with EE proper, but they're still plenty speedy - up to about 30Mb, in fact.

Plusnet Mobile benefits and perks

Plusnet Mobile is built around being simple and cheap, so you don't get many additional perks with your plan. There are, however, a couple of benefits designed to give you even better value and stop you paying a bomb:

  • Mates Rates - Broadband customers can sign up to special deals.
  • Smart Cap - Set a limit on how much you can spend on your plan each month, and avoid bill shock.
  • EU roaming - As with all mobile networks, you can use your usual monthly allowance abroad in the EU at no extra charge.

How to find the best Plusnet Mobile offer

Use our mobile comparison tool to find the best Plusnet Mobile deal for you. We let you see all its plans at a glance so you can filter out what you don't want, see what's cheapest, and compare everything side by side.

Here are a few things to remember when you're searching for a deal:

  • Choose between a SIM-only or contract plan. Bear in mind you can get SIM-only deals straight from Plusnet, while a phone contract will most likely come from a reseller.
  • If you have Plusnet broadband at home, look out for existing customer deals. If not, you can untick the box at the side of the page so they don't show up.
  • Pick an allowance. Think about how much you use on your current plan to figure out how much you need. Plusnet Mobile's lower-end options will suit you if you don't use your phone for calls and internet much, while bigger tariffs are better suited if you browse the web, check your email, use social media, and watch the odd video when you're out and about.

Use the filters in the sidebar to sort through the deals. You can also use the toggle at the top to sort them all by cost, allowance, or whatever else you prefer - or just check out our favourite deals of all. Then simply click on one you like, and we'll send you to Plusnet or to the reseller so you can sign up.

What's the cheapest Plusnet Mobile deal?

Deals from Plusnet Mobile are low in price compare to most networks, though there are a few tips and tricks you can try to help you find the cheapest one possible.

Firstly, you can sort Plusnet's deals by cost in our comparison table - either by monthly cost, or total cost if the plan includes a handset. All the cheapest deals will show up first.

You can also find cheaper deals - or at least better value ones - if you have the provider's broadband, and everyone can find lower cost plans through mobile resellers.

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