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The People’s Operator (TPO) puts working with good causes right at the heart of its plans. This means, whichever plan you choose, 10% of your monthly mobile spend goes towards a UK charity or cause of your choice - at no extra cost to you.

And you’re assured of excellent mobile coverage too, as The People’s Operator uses the Three network to deliver mobile services.

Read on to find out more about the range of plans available from The People’s Operator.

The People’s Operator Mobile SIM-only deals

When you sign up to The People’s Operator, you get a SIM deal complete with a bundle of calling minutes, texts, and data, which lasts for one month.

Monthly allowances range from 1GB of data with 500 minutes and unlimited texts, up to 8GB of data with 3000 minutes and unlimited texts - and if you need more data, there’s always the option to top up with data add-ons. Unfortunately, The People’s Operator does not offer unlimited data plans at this time.

To find a good deal, compare plans with our mobile comparison table. Take a look at the monthly bundles you can get, and narrow them down to find one that suits you. Then just click through to order your SIM, and it'll come loaded with your chosen bundle - ready to go as soon as you activate the SIM card.

The People’s Operator Mobile phone plans

The People’s Operator plans are all SIM-only which means you’ll need to either use your existing phone or buy a new one. This supplier currently doesn’t offer contracts which include handsets.

The People’s Operator Mobile coverage

The People’s Operator uses the Three network, which means it takes advantage of reliable 4G coverage that reaches more than 91% of the UK population and 3G coverage that hits 98%.

Do use its coverage checker before you sign up to a plan, however. All mobile networks have their black spots, and 99% of the population doesn't mean 99% of the country geographically.

The People’s Operator Mobile perks and extras

The emphasis with TPO plans is the good work it does with charitable causes and there aren't many other perks and extras as such. However, join the network and you'll get these:

  • 10% of monthly spend goes to charity - you choose the cause, so you can be sure the money goes to something you care about
  • UK-based customer service
  • Flexible rolling 30-day plans - you can cancel or upgrade your plan at any time; this will take effect when your current plan expires
  • Data-only bundles available with just a data allowance

How to find the best The People’s Operator Mobile offer

CompareMyMobile is here to help you find the best The People’s Operator Mobile deal for you, thanks to our handy comparison tool.

You can see all the available SIM deals in one place so you can compare them side by side, and adjust the toggles on the left to only show the plans that suit you. You could filter them by monthly price to only see deals within your budget; or by allowance, to find ones heavy enough for your mobile use.

Not sure which tariff to go for? Think about how much you use your mobile phone for calling, texting, and the internet.

  • Calls - The People’s Operator Mobile's plans range from ones with 500 minutes up to 3000 minutes.
  • Texts - Most of the plans include unlimited texts, which is handy for keen texters.
  • Data - The smallest plan is good for just a small amount of browsing, while the biggest 8GB one will suit more intensive users. Pick a larger bundle if you like to use social media a lot, watch a few videos, stream audio on the go, or download a lot of files.

Remember that each bundle only lasts for 30 days. You can always change it next month - or in several months' time - if it's not quite the right one.

What's the cheapest The People’s Operator Mobile offer?

The cheapest TPO plan includes 1GB of data - with 500 minutes and unlimited texts. This data allowance equates to about sending and receiving 20,000 emails - and about 20 hours of web browsing each month.

Tto find the cheapest deal that fits your use, use our comparison table. Adjust the filters to make sure you only see SIMs that have enough monthly allowance for you, and then sort the whole table by monthly cost. You'll see the lowest-priced deals right at the top.