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Looking for a low-cost mobile deal? Asda Mobile is a SIM-only provider with prices that match the value of its supermarkets. Its plans are easy and straightforward, with none of the bells, whistles, and complications of bigger networks - and a large enough range of tariffs to fit everyone.

Find out everything you need to know about Asda Mobile right here, or start comparing deals straight away with our tool.

Asda Mobile phone plans

Asda Mobile's phone plans are all SIM-only deals. They're pay-as-you-go, but you can add 30-day bundles with an allowance of minutes, texts, and data to use, which is much better value. Best of all, you can use an Asda Mobile SIM in any phone - whether it's a brand new iPhone or a ten-year-old Nokia.

Sadly, you can't get contracts that include a handset from the network right now. Its plans are best if you like the phone you already have, or if you prefer to buy a new one outright.

Asda Mobile SIM-only deals

When you sign up to Asda Mobile, you get a SIM deal complete with a bundle of calling minutes, texts, and data, which lasts for one month.

You can set that bundle to auto-renew, so a new one will start up the second it runs out - giving you all the convenience of a standard SIM-only plan. Or, you can swap it for a bundle with a different allowance and cost, or even cancel it altogether. You've got all the flexibility of pay-as-you-go, and you won't be tied into a contract.

Tariffs range from a £5 bundle up to a £20 bundle - the biggest of which gives you 8GB data and unlimited calls and texts.

Read more about Asda Mobile SIM deals here.

To find one to start you off, compare them all with our mobile comparison table. Take a look the monthly bundles you can get, and narrow them down to find one that suits you. Then just click through to order your SIM, and it'll come loaded with your chosen bundle - ready to go as soon as you activate the SIM card. Or take a look at our best SIM-only deals.

Asda Mobile coverage

Asda Mobile piggybacks on EE's network, which has the widest coverage in the country - you'll rarely be without signal. 99% of the population is covered, and more than 95% are covered for 4G services too.

Do use its coverage checker before you sign up to a plan, however. All mobile networks have their black spots, and 99% of the population doesn't mean 99% of the country geographically.

Asda Mobile benefits and perks

There aren't many special perks, unfortunately - Asda Mobile likes to keep things clean, simple, and low-cost. Still, with one of the network's plans, you benefit from:

  • Flexible bundles that you can add or change at any time
  • Data-only bundles available with just a data allowance
  • Inclusive roaming, which lets you use your bundle abroad in the EU at no extra cost

How to find the best Asda Mobile offer

CompareMyMobile is here to help you find the best Asda Mobile deal for you, thanks to our handy comparison tool.

You can see all the available SIM deals in one place so you can compare them side by side, and adjust the toggles on the left to only show the plans that suit you. You could filter them by monthly price to only see deals within your budget; or by allowance, to find ones heavy enough for your mobile use.

Not sure which tariff to go for? Think about how much you use your mobile phone for calling, texting, and the internet.

  • Calls - Asda Mobile's bundles range from ones with 125 minutes all the way up to unlimited calls.
  • Texts - All but the cheapest bundle include unlimited messages, which is handy for keen texters.
  • Data - The smallest plan is good for just a tiny bit of browsing, while the biggest 8GB one will suit more intensive users. Pick a larger bundle if you like to use social media a lot, watch a few videos, stream audio on the go, or download a lot of files.

Remember that each bundle only lasts for 30 days. You can always change it next month - or in several months' time - if it's not quite the right one.

What's the cheapest Asda Mobile offer?

The cheapest bundle on Asda Mobile costs £5 for the month. It gives you 125 minutes, 2000 texts, and 200MB data. That's a tiny allowance though, so if you're chatty or like to go online, you'll want a larger plan than that.

That doesn't mean you have to spend a bomb, of course - all Asda Mobile bundles are nice and low in price. To find the cheapest one that suits you, sort the deals in our comparison tool by cost, and you'll see which one is cheapest at a glance. Don't forget you can also use the filter at the side to make sure you only see the SIM deals with enough allowance for you.

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You could also trade in your current smartphone and put the money towards one of the newer models. It's a quick and easy process with Depending on what model you have, and how intact it is, you’ll be surprised at what you can get.