Compare iPhone 6 contract deals 2019

iPhone 6

At its 2014 release, the iPhone 6 was a big step up from iPhones before it: the screen was bigger, its shape was classier, and it was a whole lot more powerful. These days it's a great alternative to the hefty price tag on Apple's newer models.

Sound good? Read on for everything you need to know to find a pay monthly contract deal on Apple's iPhone 6.

What is the iPhone 6 like?

The iPhone 6 introduced a fresh design when it came out: rounded, smooth, and very stylish. It packs the now-standard 4.7-inch HD display, with colours that look clear and fabulous. Inside, it runs on a dual-core Apple A8 chip and 1GB of RAM.

On the back, you'll find an 8MP camera that can even record Full HD video, complete with clever Slo-Mo and timelapse modes. And on the front, there's a home button with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, so you can keep your phone super secure and use Apple Pay.

You'll also get Siri, along with Bluetooth, free iCloud space, and up to 128GB of internal storage (like the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s).

How to find the best iPhone 6 deal

Compare everything you can get from UK networks with CompareMyMobile, and we'll help you find the best iPhone 6 deal for you. Our mobile comparison tool has lots of filters so you can zero in on a plan that ticks all the right boxes.

You'll need to start by choosing the exact iPhone 6 model you want, including your preferred internal storage and colour. You may well find that the smallest storage option - 16GB - isn't quite enough, but thankfully the iPhone 6 is available with up to 128GB memory. This costs a bit more, though.

Next, think about the monthly calling minutes, texts, and data allowance you need. Tariffs on the iPhone 6 start from plans with less than 1GB data and a few minutes - but for a phone this cool, you'll probably want a little more data than that.

You'll also need to choose a network. MVNOs ('mobile virtual network operators', which piggyback on larger networks) are cheaper, but major networks come with more benefits - like O2 Priority or free streaming.

And, of course, don't forget about cost. If you're on a budget, you can set the filters to just show deals you can afford, and take a look at everything you can get. See below for a few more tips on finding a cheap iPhone 6 deal.

What's the cheapest iPhone 6 deal?

It's easy to find the cheapest iPhone 6 deal for you: filter the comparison grid to see just the kinds of deal you want, then sort them by cost with the button at the top. This will show you all the cheapest deals first.

The lowest cost iPhone 6 deals are often ones that:

  • Are on a budget network or MVNO, such as giffgaff or iD Mobile
  • Have lower allowances
  • Include a handset with lower internal storage
  • Are bought through resellers, such as Carphone Warehouse

You can also get refurbished models from certain networks and resellers, which are far cheaper than brand new ones. These are phones that were previously owned or returned, but have been spruced up so they're in in perfect working order.

iPhone 6 deals with unlimited data

Unlimited data deals are available on the iPhone 6, though currently only from a couple of networks. They're ideal if you watch lots of videos, use your phone for work, stream music all day, or just use a lot of data and want peace of mind that it won't run out.

It's also worth looking at iPhone 6 deals with large data allowances. These can be cheaper than unlimited plans, and you'll have more choice. Most providers offer deals with 10GB data and above, which is plenty for most of us; and quite a few offer 50GB per month and beyond, including EE, O2, and Vodafone.

To compare everything you can get, select 'unlimited data' on the comparison grid - or choose the minimum data allowance you'd consider.

iPhone 6 deals with no upfront cost

Don't want to splash the cash today? The good news is that there are plenty of iPhone 6 deals with no upfront cost - so you can get a 'free' device today.

The cost of the handset is instead spread out over the length of your contract, so it does mean spending a little more each month. However, since the iPhone 6 is an older model now, costs are generally low anyway. The extra amount on your bill won't be more than a few quid.

To compare deals with nothing to pay upfront, select 'free' under the phone cost details on the comparison grid. Remember to select everything else you want from your deal too, such as network, monthly allowance, and phone storage size.

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