Compare Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deals 2019

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Lots of people called it the best smartphone of 2016, and it's easy to see why. Samsung's plus-sized flagship of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, features a stunning design, top specs, and features that don't disappoint.

Here's everything you need to know about how to find the perfect deal on this Samsung handset, thanks to CompareMyMobile.

What is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge like?

Put it this way: it's a very nice smartphone. It's a large 'phablet' handset - meaning it's sized somewhere between a phone and a tablet - featuring a 5.5-inch display, nearly half an inch bigger than on the standard Samsung Galaxy S7. That display has a crisp QHD (Quad HD) resolution, and edges that curl down the sides of the frame.

Inside, it runs on an octo-core Exynos chipset with 4GB of RAM, so it's well equipped to handle all kinds of tasks; and a 3600mAh battery that will easily last all day. It can even charge wirelessly.

The Galaxy S7 Edge has one of the best cameras you'll find on a 2016 smartphone too, with a 12MP lens and optical image stabilisation. It can take RAW photos, there are lots of 'Pro'-level controls, and on the front you even get a nice 5MP selfie snapper.

Other features you'll get with the S7 Edge include a water-resistant body; a heart rate monitor on the back; and NFC and a fingerprint scanner, so you can use Samsung Pay.

How to find the best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deal

The best way to find the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deal for you is with our mobile comparison tool. We pull in deals from plenty of networks and retailers, and let you filter them all down so you only see the ones that fit what you need. Take a look here:

When picking out a plan, consider things like:

  • Monthly allowance - How many calling minutes, texts, and gigabytes of data do you need each month?
  • Network - There's plenty of choice here, whether you want fast 4G from EE, inclusive roaming from Three, or cheap prices from Tesco Mobile.
  • Cost - You can set the filters to only show deals with monthly and upfront costs within your budget.
  • Colour and storage capacity - Got a preference? Select these from the filters too. The S7 Edge is available in black, blue, gold, pink, silver, and white; and it comes with internal storage of 32GB or 64GB, though it has an SD card slot too.

What's the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deal?

Finding a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deal that suits you at the cheapest possible price is easy. Just follow the steps above to filter the deals on our comparison grid, then sort the results by cost using the toggle at the top. Sorting by total cost is your best bet here, as it'll show you deals with the best value across the course of the whole contract.

And there are other things you can do to keep costs down, such as:

  • Picking a low-cost network or MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), like giffgaff or iD Mobile
  • Buying through a reseller - you'll see deals from these retailers, such as Buymobiles, alongside plans directly from networks
  • Finding an existing customer deal from your current mobile network, or even your broadband provider
  • Getting a refurbished handset - these may not be brand new, but they've been reconditioned and cost much less

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deals with no upfront cost

Deals on the Galaxy S7 Edge with nothing to pay upfront are available. To see them all, select 'free' from the phone cost filter - or sort the deals by upfront cost to see the lowest priced ones first.

This will usually mean higher monthly bills, so watch out for that, but it's a great option if you don't want to splash out today.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deals with unlimited data

Unfortunately unlimited data isn't available with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Your best option, if you're a heavy user, is to pick a plan with a lot of data. EE and Vodafone, for example, sell plans with 25GB and 30GB of data. That should be more than enough, even for people who stream video on their phone every day. Find out more about how much data you need.

We'd also recommend looking out for plans with high data allowances - you'll get far more choice and might find cheaper prices. Lots of networks offer deals with 20GB per month and above, going all the way up to 60GB sometimes.

More phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Go SIM-only

If you're happy with your current phone and would like to hang on to it, we have some excellent SIM-only deals to check out.


You could also trade in your current smartphone and put the money towards one of the newer models. It's a quick and easy process with Depending on what model you have, and how intact it is, you’ll be surprised at what you can get.