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iPhone 6S Plus

The second generation of Apple's larger phones, the iPhone 6s Plus, built a lot of improvements on the old iPhone 6 Plus when it launched. It even added in a couple of upgrades on its sibling phone, the iPhone 6s - not least including a better quality display. That was in 2015, and it's still worth getting if you want a phone with a nice big screen.

Read on to find out how to find a deal, or compare iPhone 6s Plus deals right away with our tool.

What is the iPhone 6s Plus like?

The iPhone 6s Plus is Apple's second ever 'phablet' - a device sized somewhere between a phone and a tablet. It has a large 5.5-inch screen, with a Full HD resolution and Apple's clever 3D Touch tech.

Design wise, it's got the same look as most modern iPhones: a smooth, pebble-like chassis of brushed aluminium, meaning it looks and feels pretty posh. And, unlike more recent iPhones, it has a standard headphone port at the bottom.

Inside, there's a dual-core Apple A9 chipset and 2GB of RAM, plus a 2750mAh battery - so it can go a little longer than most iPhones without charging.

And finally, the 6s Plus also has some pretty good cameras. The 12MP lens on the back has optical image stabilisation, so you're guaranteed to take good snaps without much fuss - including Live Photos. You even get a 5MP front-facer for high-quality selfies.

How to find the best iPhone 6s Plus deal

Compare all your options with CompareMyMobile's tool, and we'll help you find the best iPhone 6s Plus deal that gives you everything you need.

Start by selecting the phone you want on the sidebar. If you aren't totally sold on the iPhone 6s Plus, you can always compare deals on multiple phones at the same time, and see which gives you the best value. You can also choose a minimum internal storage size (up to 128GB, in this case), and a colour.

Then, filter all the deals in the grid using the options at the side. You can choose a monthly allowance, favourite networks, 4G-only deals, whether you want a refurbished model or not, and loads more. We can even sort them by things like cost and data allowance.

Finally, select a deal you like, and click through to the provider to sign up. Your brand new phone and SIM card will be with you in no time.

What's the cheapest iPhone 6s Plus deal?

Prices on large smartphones like the 6s Plus tend to run high - but rest assured there's a few things you can try to get that cost down.

We recommend sorting the deals in our comparison tool by cost, which puts the cheapest ones right at the top. Sorting by total cost shows you what will give you the best value across the whole contract; by monthly cost shows which have the lowest monthly bills; and phone cost helps you find ones with less to pay upfront.

You may find a better deal by buying through a mobile reseller like Carphone Warehouse, picking a cheaper network, or getting a lower allowance. Don't compromise on allowance too much, however, or you'll end up spending more on add-ons later.

Some iPhone 6s Plus models are cheaper than others. Refurbished phones come at much lower prices, for instance, and versions with lower internal memory cost less too. But, again, don't compromise here if you know you need the space - remember you'll probably have this phone for at least two years.

Can I get an iPhone 6s Plus deal with unlimited data?

Unlimited data deals are only available from a few networks, usually Three and giffgaff. Bear in mind that giffgaff's 'unlimited' deal isn't truly unlimited, though - you do indeed get unlimited downloads, but once you've gone over a certain threshold in a month, speeds are strangled. You may be better off with a plan that gives you 10GB per month or more, which are available from almost every provider including O2, EE, Vodafone, and BT Mobile.

Find out more about how much data you need.

Can I get an iPhone 6s Plus deal with no upfront cost?

Yes, you can. You'll find deals on the handset on all kinds of pricing setups - whether you refer to pay a big chunk today and enjoy lower monthly bills, or grab a 'free' device with nothing upfront at all.

To find iPhone 6s Plus deals with no upfront cost, select 'Free' from the phone cost filter at the side of our comparison table. Or, sort all the deals in the grid by upfront cost, and you'll see all the 'free' and low upfront cost deals right there at the top.

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