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Refurbished iPhone XS

When it was first released, the iPhone XS was certainly the best iPhone we’d seen - with its enhanced camera, superb display and all-round premier performance. But does the XS justify its hefty price tag - and is it worth upgrading?

As the iPhone XS is a relatively recent release, you won’t perhaps notice a huge price difference between a new and a refurbished mobile contract. But with every new Apple release, you will see savings on refurbished XS contracts.

What is a refurbished iPhone XS deal?

A refurbished phone is an unwanted handset that has been returned to a mobile supplier or network for whatever reason - possibly due to a fault or the owner simply changed their mind.

If it’s refurbished, it means the phone has been restored to its factory settings and given a thorough maintenance check and repair.
Search our deals table of mobile networks and retailers to find a refurbished iPhone XS deal.

Use the filters to find the right tariff of minutes, texts and data and storage options. You can also vary the balance between your monthly fee and any upfront cost.

What are the best refurbished iPhone XS deals?

The best refurbished iPhone XS deals will depend on your needs and how you use your phone.

You can filter by:

  • Storage - The iPhone XS is available with either 64GB, 256GB or 512GB of internal storage for your apps, files and pics.
  • Colour - You can get this model in Space Grey, silver and gold.
  • Monthly allowance - There's plenty of choice here over what you can get. Tariffs range from a minimal allowance up to unlimited everything. Pick a small one if you don't use your phone much, or lots of data if you like to browse and stream all day - though most of us are satisfied with 2GB-5GB of data.
  • Budget - Think about how much you're willing to spend on your mobile bill each month, and how much you can spend upfront today.
  • Network - Not all phones are available as refurbished handsets but you should still compare mobile networks. Some also have special offers for existing customers.

Once you've selected all the things that are important to you, you can sort the available deals by cost to see the cheapest, by data allowance to see the most generous, or just take a look at our top picks.

What are the cheapest refurbished iPhone XS deals?

Signing up for a refurbished mobile phone contract is generally cheaper than a new handset contract - particularly an iPhone contract.

Each time a new iPhone is released, the older iPhone models tend to come down in price - though you won’t notice a huge difference in refurbished iPhone XS contract prices until a few more iPhone models have been released.

Search our deals table to see what’s on offer from different mobile networks, and consider the following:

  • Work out the number of minutes and texts you will need each month
  • Think about your data use - data-hungry apps and watching movies on the go means you’ll need a decent data allowance
  • Compare refurbished contracts by upfront cost against monthly fee
  • Budget networks will often offer cheaper refurbished iPhone contracts - providers such as iD Mobile and giffgaff
  • Pick a deal through a reseller, such as Carphone Warehouse - that is, a company that buys handsets and SIMs in bulk and passes the savings onto you.

What is the iPhone XS like?

Much was made of Apple’s iPhone X when it came out - boasting a new look and some unique features. Picking up where the X left off, the iPhone XS flaunts its flagship status to excellent effect.

Making strides in the performance and battery departments, the XS is powered by the A12 Bionic chip, which means it’s a lot faster than previous iPhone models. The iPhone XS battery also gives you 30 minutes more power than the iPhone X.

A 5.8in OLED screen means super-sharp displays complete with ultra-high pixel density that supports Dolby Vision and HDR10. In other words: striking colour and a superbly clear picture.

The iPhone XS’s real icing on the cake is its camera upgrade, with its rear dual-camera and a new, super-powerful 7MP sensor on the front - giving you photos a pro would be pleased with.

Throw in improvements to storage (there’s a weighty 512GB option), improved facial recognition technology, and even better sound quality than previous models and you should be set.

For some, however, the XS’s price may simply be too steep. Also, fingerprint recognition has been dropped, the iPhone XS does tend to scratch a little too easily and it doesn’t come with a fast charger.

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