Using to sell your iPhone SE 2020 is the best way to get a good price for your old phone as well as helping the environment.

We’ll hook you up with carefully selected recyclers who’ll pay a fair price for your handset and reuse its parts or get rid of it safely.

Why should I recycle my iPhone SE 2020?

Recycling your iPhone SE 2020 is the best way to ensure that it doesn’t end up in landfill, creating a pollution risk.

Our vetted recyclers know how to fix old phones so they can be reused or take them apart so their components can be put into refurbished phones.

For you, there’s the added bonus of getting paid too.

Can I sell my iPhone SE 2020 with a cracked screen?

Yes, you can sell your iPhone SE 2020 with a cracked screen. Just pick the ‘broken’ option in the filter at the top of this page.

Be aware that you’ll get less money than if it was in good condition.

How to prepare my iPhone SE 2020 to sell

Getting your iPhone SE 2020 ready for sale involves two key things: backing it up and then erasing your personal data.

To back it up, simply tap Settings and then hit your Appl ID, to ensure you have iCloud back up turned on. This means Apple will store your data safety and you’ll get it straight onto a new iPhone when you buy one and log.

Erasing your data once it’s backed up is the best way for you to stay safe and we advise strongly that you do so.

Do I need to wipe my iPhone SE 2020 before selling?

Recyclers will wipe your iPhone SE 2020 for you, but you’ll need to turn off Touch ID and your passcode first.

But to stay safe, we recommend completing the process yourself. It’s easy. Just go to Settings, General and Transfer or Reset iPhone, before choosing the Erase option.

This will return it to factory settings and wipe your iPhone of personal data.

What will happen to my iPhone SE 2020?

If your iPhone SE 2020 is in good condition, it may be checked over and then resold as a second hand device.

If it’s broken, its components may be used to refurbish other iPhones and any unrecyclable materials disposed of safely.

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How much is my iPhone SE 2020 worth?

You can get between £50 and £113.50 for your iPhone SE 2020, as long as it’s in good condition.

Can I sell a broken iPhone SE 2020?

Certainly. Just choose the ‘broken’ option when looking for deals. Remember you’ll get a lot less for a broken iPhone SE 2020, ranging from £1 to £64.

Can I sell a iPhone SE 2020 with water damage?

Some recyclers will take a water damaged iPhone SE 2020. But you need to check with them first.

The price will be even lower than for a broken iPhone, but you will get something and its parts will be either used or dealt with safely by the experts.

How long does it take to get paid after I sell my iPhone SE 2020?

Once your iPhone SE 2020 has been sent to your recycler and its experts have given it a quick once over, they’ll make sure you get paid, either by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal, whichever you prefer.