It may not look much different from the previous iPhone, but the iPhone 7 represented a huge innovation when it was released in 2016. Firstly, it was the first of Apple’s phones to ever have a water-resistant body… though it sacrificed the headphone jack to get there.

It also came rocking a new quad-core processor, cameras with optical image stabilisation, and some chunky internal storage options which started at 32GB. It introduced a new glossy jet black case too - which looks cool, but attracts fingerprints like nothing else.

How to sell your iPhone 7 32GB

If you’re tired of fiddling around with Bluetooth every time you want to listen to music, it’s probably time to sell your iPhone 7 32GB and get an upgrade. Browse through the offers on CompareMyMobile - we’ve got 30+ buyers and recyclers across the site so you’re bound to find a price that looks good - and pick the best one for you.

Can I sell a used or broken iPhone 7?

Yes, you can. Plenty of mobile recyclers will buy a broken iPhone 7 - though they won’t offer as much money for it as one fresh out the box. If your iPhone has a cracked screen, corrupt OS, or won’t even switch on, a number of buyers will still take it; but if it’s broken beyond repair or has somehow managed to get water damage, it’s less likely. Just make sure you’re honest about its condition and you’ll get the most accurate quotes.

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