Introduced in 2015 as Apple’s second ever phablet - a phone with a size a little closer to a tablet - the iPhone 6s Plus was one of the best phones around when it first came out. It offered all the same things as the regular-sized iPhone 6s, including impressive cameras and iOS 9, only with one very notable improvement: a massive 5.5-inch Full HD screen. And a larger battery to power it, of course.

Other than its size though, the iPhone 6s Plus looked pretty much identical to its little sibling, complete with a strengthened aluminium body to counteract #bendgate. You could even get it in that funky rose gold colour.

How to sell your iPhone 6s Plus 64GB

The 6s Plus is no longer the most up-to-date or most impressive iPhone around, lacking a few key features such as waterproofing. And your hands are probably very tired from trying to use that whopper of a display all this time. Ready to sell it and get an upgrade? Simply use our comparison tool to find the best offer from our top mobile recyclers. Don’t forget to select the right condition and network for your handset - and take a look the customer reviews for each buyer before you take the plunge.

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