Apple's 2015 flagship, the iPhone 6s, improved just a little on the previous iPhone 6. It gained faster performance, got a higher resolution 12MP camera, and introduced Force Touch to the screen. Unsurprisingly, it was considered one of the year's best smartphones when it came out, and thousands of us bought one. Plus, it was the first iPhone you could get in snazzy rose gold - a new option on top of the standard space grey, silver, or regular gold.

However, it's pretty clear that the iPhone 6s no longer stands up to the latest models. The new ones have all got vastly improved battery life, cameras, and processors… even though they're missing the classic headphone jack. You're probably ready to get a new one.

Here's all you need to know to get selling your iPhone 6s 64GB for the most cash. There's no point letting your old phone gather dust in a drawer when it could earn you a little something to put towards your next one.

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How to sell your iPhone 6s 64GB

Selling your old iPhone 6s 64GB for the most money is easy peasy with CompareMyMobile. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Compare offers - Take a look at all the quotes above, choose one you like, and click through to register your details and get started.
  2. Send your phone - You'll get a postage pack from the recycler, which you can use to mail them your phone. Many companies even provide free postage.
  3. Get your cash! - You'll get paid - by bank transfer, PayPal, cheque, or another method - once your phone arrives and the recycler checks it over. That's it!

How much is my iPhone 6s 64GB worth?

You can find out the going rate for a used iPhone 6s on the table above. Make sure you pick the right model, storage capacity, condition, and network it's locked to - it's best to be as honest as possible so you get accurate quotes, or the initial offer may get revised later.

Handsets in good condition earn the most cash, whereas broken, damaged, or scratched models are worth much less.

You'll also get more money for an unlocked phone. If yours is locked to a network, it could be worth getting it unlocked - many networks will do so for free, which can save you a bit of extra money.

Comparing iPhone 6s 64GB trade-in programmes

It's always best to compare your options when you sell your phone. That's why we let you see the offers available on your iPhone 6s from loads of mobile recyclers, buyers, and trade-in companies all in one place.

The value of your phone can vary a lot between recyclers, but so can the services they offer. Some specialise in re-vamping iPhones, others buy a huge range of electronics, and some have special features like a free courier service or fast payments.

See the table above to compare all the offers you can get. We'll tell you how much each company is offering, what their returns policy is, their available payment methods, and more. You may well find a company offering you more dough than the Apple Store would.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 6s 64GB?

Yes, you can sell your iPhone 6s to a mobile recycler even if it's in less-than-perfect shape. You won't get as much cash as you would for a fully working one, but there are plenty of recycling companies out there who buy broken phones.

To see offers on a damaged iPhone 6s 64GB, simply select 'broken' from the condition menu on the table above. This'll show you all the offers we can find on phones with chips and scratches, broken buttons, smashed screens, and more.

Just be aware that with broken and damaged phones, recyclers sometimes need to revise their initial quote once they've received your handset and checked it over. You're of course free to reject the new offer if you're not satisfied - some companies will even send it back to you for free.

See our guide to selling broken phones for more info.

Can I sell an iPhone 6s 64GB with a cracked screen?

Yes - if a recycler buys broken phones, it'll definitely buy ones with cracked or smashed screens. Just select 'broken' above to see all the relevant offers.

Can I sell a water damaged iPhone 6s 64GB?

It's less easy to find a recycler who will take a water damaged phone, but it's still possible. There are quite a few trade-in companies who will buy iPhones with liquid ingress as long as the phone still works.

Compare deals on broken phones using the guidance above, and see the recycler's terms and conditions to check if it accepts water damage.

What happens to recycled phones?

The fate of your old phone really depends on the model and what state it's in, but the majority of mobiles that land at recycling will be reconditioned and sold on. They'll find a new lease of life elsewhere.

Your iPhone 6s 64GB will be thoroughly tested and checked over, and if any parts are running poorly, they're replaced or fixed.

Then, the phone is sold on - either here in the UK as a refurbished model, or overseas. Many recycled phones find new lives in developing countries.

Handsets that can't be salvaged or sold, on the other hand, are dismantled. Their parts are put in refurbished phones, or broken down and disposed of safely. Mobiles contain bits of gold, nickel, platinum, and other elements, which can all be melted down and recycled.

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