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The world went wild when Apple released the iPhone 6s - a mobile that was clearly the best iPhone yet by a country mile. Retaining the same design as the previous iPhone 6, it built on a good thing and made it just that bit better: the 6s came with the latest processor, Force Touch on the display, and a major improvement on the cameras.

The snapper on the back got bumped up to a 12MP lens, while the selfie cam got a big boost up to 5MP. The Force Touch display, meanwhile, let you do a whole lot more just by pressing harder or softer on the screen. On top of that, the iPhone 6s was the first to come in that lovely Rose Gold colour.

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The iPhone 6s isn't exactly the latest iPhone any more… and if you’ve got the 16GB model, you probably ran out of storage space a long time ago. To sell your iPhone 6s 16GB and get an upgrade, take a look at our trade-in prices here, sourced from tons of mobile recyclers. Then just pick an offer you like, click through, and we’ll take you through the next steps.

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