The S-models of the iPhone cycle are always good ones: though they skip the innovation of the main iPhone, they always give a few subtle improvements on the last model to make it just that bit better. In the case of the iPhone 6s, it took the iPhone 6 and gave it cameras with bigger lenses and a Force Touch display. The 6s was also the first phone to be available in that funky rose gold colour - along with the larger 6s Plus released at the same time, of course.

Specs included dual-core Apple A9 processors, a 750 x 1334px display, a GPU with six-core graphics, and a variety of storage options that went up to 128GB, like this model.

How to sell your iPhone 6s 128GB

If you want something brand spanking new and original, the iPhone 6s might not give you that. It’s lacking the processing power of newer iPhones, for a start, and it’s not waterproof at all. To sell your iPhone 6s 128GB, pick the right condition and network at the top of the grid here, and we’ll show you all the offers on your phone. With loads of top mobile recyclers on the site, you’re bound to find a few offers. Pick a quote you like, click through to mail your phone off, and the money will be yours in no time.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 6s 128GB?

Don’t worry if your iPhone 6s 128GB is broken or damaged - many phone recyclers will still buy it. A phone usually counts as broken if it has:

  • a cracked screen
  • broken buttons
  • power issues
  • lots of chips and dents
  • a corrupt operating system

A broken iPhone 6s 128GB will sell for less than a working one, and even less than a brand new one - obviously - but nonetheless, they’ll sell. Just make sure you’re honest about your gadget's condition and you’ll get the most accurate quotes. If a recycler receives your device but decides it is not in the condition they expected, they’ll send you a revised quote by email, which you can choose to accept or reject. Some will charge postage if you want your gadget back, though others will do it for free.

Can I sell an iPhone 6s 128GB with water damage?

Selling a water damaged phone is a little trickier, but some recyclers do buy handsets with water damage. Search for quotes on a broken iPhone 6s 128GB above, and check with the recycler if you're not sure whether it will accept a water damaged phone or not.

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