The iPhone 6 came out in 2014 and brought with it a stunning new iPhone design. With an HD resolution display, dual-core processors, and an 8MP camera, it wasn’t a bad phone at all - but these days, smartphones can offer a whole lot more, and a lot of iPhone 6 users are looking to move on.

How to sell your iPhone 6 16GB

Tell us all the details about your old iPhone 6 16GB - what condition it’s in, how much storage it has, and what network you’re on - and we’ll show you the current quotes that buyers are offering for it. The better the condition of your iPhone 6, the more money you'll get. Then, we'll compare iPhone 6 trade-in prices from leading UK recycling companies. Pick an offer you like the look of, then click through to enter your details and get a post pack. Remember to read the terms and conditions so you know what to expect - many recyclers want to see the phone themselves before they give you a final offer.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 6?

Apple iPhones are some of the most common mobile phones out there, and recycling companies are pretty keen to snap them up - even if your model is broken. They’ll either fix them up and sell them on, or harvest them for parts that can be recycled. We compare offers from tons of different buyers, so you can be confident you’re selling your iPhone 6 to the right place even if it’s not in perfect condition.

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