Why use CompareMyMobile.com to sell your iPhone 13 Mini?

Using CompareMyMobile.com to sell your iPhone 13 Mini, means you’ll be connected with carefully selected recycling partners who will pay the best price for your old iPhone, as well as recycling or reusing it.

It’s good for you and the environment. Everyone wins!

Why should I recycle my iPhone 13 Mini?

Recycling your iPhone 13 Mini is the best way to prevent any of the device's toxic materials polluting the environment, something which can happen if you send it to landfill.

Recyclers are experts in taking old iPhones apart and using components to refurbish other models and disposing of any other parts in a way that is safe and secure.

Can I sell my iPhone 13 Mini with a cracked screen?

You can. Just pick the ‘broken’ option in the filter at the top of this page and we’ll show you prices for iPhone 13 Mini models with cracked screens or bodies.

You won’t get as much as if the iPhone was in good condition, but we promise you’ll get something. 

How to prepare my iPhone 13 Mini to sell

Getting your iPhone 13 Mini ready for sale is easy. First, make sure you back up all your files, apps and photos.

You can do this using iCloud - just tap Settings, then hit your Apple ID at the top of the page and then iCloud to see how much storage you have and whether your device is already backed up.

Then you need to wipe your device and put it back to factory settings, which will make it easier and quicker for recyclers to check your iPhone once they receive it.

They’ll send you a package to send back to them with the iPhone and most will pay for postage too.

Do I need to wipe my iPhone 13 Mini before selling?

You don’t have to wipe your iPhone 13 Mini, but we strongly advise that you do.

If you choose not to, you’ll need to turn off security like Face ID and passcode, which is not a great option.

Instead, go to Settings then Transfer or Reset iPhone. There you’ll find an option to Erase All Content and Settings. Erase your iPhone and it’ll be good to go.

What will happen to my iPhone 13 Mini?

Your iPhone 13 Mini will be checked over once your recycler receives it. If it’s in good condition it may be resold as it is.

If not, experts will take it apart and use components to refurbish other iPhones and then any leftover parts will be thrown away safely.

More Apple devices

Here at CompareMyMobile.com we have partners willing to buy most old iPhone models.

This includes the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro and the older iPhone 12 and iPhone 8. Search for your device now at the top of this page.

How much is my iPhone 13 Mini worth?

If you sell your iPhone 13 Mini now you can get between £200 and £335 for it. That’s a big chunk of change to put towards a new iPhone.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 13 Mini?

Yes, but remember that you’ll get less for a broken iPhone 13 Mini than one that is in good condition. Most recyclers will take iPhones with cracked screens or scratches and dents on its frame.

Can I sell a iPhone 13 Mini with water damage?

Some recyclers will take water damaged iPhone 13 Mini models, but you should check directly.

You will get a small amount for it, but often water damaged devices cannot be salvaged and their parts may not be usable either.

How long does it take to get paid after I sell my iPhone 13 Mini?

You’ll get paid for your iPhone 13 Mini quickly. Once it’s wiped and you’ve sent it using the package sent to you by your recycler, they’ll give it a once over and pay you via PayPal, bank transfer or cash. This can take as little as a week.