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Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung always goes all-out with its flagship smartphones, and the Galaxy S7 is no exception. It's certainly a crowd-pleaser, with an excellent screen, smart features, tons of power and some very clever photography tools.

Read on and we'll tell you what's good and bad about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and how to find the best value phone plan out there. Alternatively, you can start comparing Galaxy S7 deals right now:

Compare Samsung Galaxy S7 deals

What is the Samsung Galaxy S7 like?

Think about what you expect from a modern smartphone and you'll see it on the Samsung Galaxy S7. A big, vibrant screen - check. Powerful processor - big 'ol check. Expansive photo options - check-aroonie.

Let's start with that screen, because it's a bright spot. At 5.1 inches and a quad-HD resolution, the super-AMOLED display is large without sacrificing crispness and vibrancy.

Performance is similarly strong - the octacore processor means that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still capable of running most software, and flit between different apps quickly and smoothly.

The camera's similarly impressive. On the rear is a 12 megapixel (MP) camera, capable of taking incredibly sharp and detailed shots. And because the Galaxy S7 is a Samsung phone, it's bundled with loads of photo editing tools that you can use to edit, enhance or deface your snaps as desired.

In short, the Galaxy S7 is an excellent all-rounder and well worth picking up, even now.

How to find the best Samsung Galaxy S7 deal

Comparing Samsung Galaxy S7 deals on is easy. Search for the device, and we'll show you loads of deals, from the UK's top networks and resellers. You can get started right now, or read on for some tips on how to whittle your results down a little.

Compare Samsung Galaxy S7 deals

When comparing deals, use the filters on to refine your results. it helps to ask yourself some basic questions first:

  • What model do I want? - There are two storage options for the Samsung Galaxy S7 - 32GB and 64GB. Think about how much memory you need - for example, if you have plan to download or film loads of video, save hundreds of snaps and an excessive number of apps, it may be worth paying for the extra capacity.
  • What network should I go with? - If you want loads of extras, such as discount tickets or free gifts, a big-name network like Three, O2, Vodafone or EE may be just the thing. Alternatively, a smaller operator like iD and giffgaff will likely work out cheaper.
  • How much data do I need? - Think about how you'll use your Galaxy S7, and plan your data allowance accordingly. If you're not sure how much you need, our guide to data usage may help.
  • How many minutes and texts? - Most plans now include unlimited texts, but call time can vary greatly. If you're someone who likes to talk, or has a lot of friends who do, make sure you pick a plan with enough minutes to support your activity.
  • How much can I pay upfront? - Paying for part of your phone upfront means you'll pay less each month. Use the filters to set the maximum you can afford to shell out all at once - it may work out much better value over the course of the contract.

Compare the best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals

What's the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S7 deal?

It's a simple matter to find a cheap Samsung Galaxy S7 deal on CompareMyMobile. First use the filters on the results page so you can only see plans that meet your requirements, then simply sort by cost to see which is the cheapest.

The most affordable Samsung Galaxy S7 plans typically:

  • Are sold by budget operators like giffgaff or iD mobile
  • Should be bought from resellers rather than directly through the network
  • Come with lower data allowances
  • Include a handset with lowest storage

If you want to save a little more, you can also buy a refurbished handset. This is a second-hand Galaxy S7 that will have been restored to excellent working condition. While some people want the sparkly new handsets, if you're willing to go this route, you can save a lot.

Compare cheap Samsung Galaxy S7 deals

Samsung Galaxy S7 deals with no upfront cost

While paying for a handset upfront can cut the overall cost of a contract, not everybody has that option. Some prefer to spread the spending out as much as possible and if that's the case, for you look at no upfront cost deals.

They're easy to find. Simply compare deals on and use the filters to only show you deals with a 'free' phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 deals with no upfront cost deals

Samsung Galaxy S7 deals with unlimited data

An unlimited data plan is good for anyone who's constantly using their phone on a mobile connection to watch video, stream music all day and download large files. Unfortunately, this type of plan isn't available from many networks - Three is the biggest brand to do it, but otherwise your options are limited.

That said, loads of networks offer big data plans from 10GB to 50GB and beyond. You'd have to be an extremely heavy user to eat all that, so most people should be able to find a suitable data allowance.

Unlimited data Samsung Galaxy S7 deals

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