Compare Black Friday deals 2018

Black Friday

There’s no doubt about it: Black Friday is the best day of the year to grab a swanky new handset or affordable SIM-only deal. That said, it can be tough picking just one deal from the bazillions on offer. I mean, how the heck can you tell which providers genuinely deliver the best value for money?

Well, lucky for you, CompareMyMobile is here to help. Below, you’ll find an array of our favourite Black Friday deals from the UK’s biggest networks, including EE, O2 and BT Mobile.

So, let’s get started…

Best Black Friday SIM-only deals

There are loads of reasons to pick up a SIM-only deal this Black Friday but, most importantly, a SIM-only plan means if you already have a handset you like, you’ll only pay out for the SIM card itself. Plus, because SIM only plans are usually very flexible, you can get the plan you want without being locked into a contract.

Check out our favourite SIM-only Black Friday deals, below:

Best Black Friday contract-deals

The great thing about a phone contract is that it’s a great way to avoid paying full whack for an expensive handset - instead, you can spread the cost over time.

Although the length of most phone contracts is two years, you will find some that last 12, 18 or even 36 months. That’s why it’s really important to make sure you get the best value for money; so as not to end up paying over the odds every month for a contract that isn’t right for you.

Take a look at our favourite Black Friday mobile contract deals, below:

Best Black Friday iPhone deals

Black Friday is the perfect time to pick up a brand-new iPhone, and here are some of our favourite deals, from Britain’s biggest providers:

Best Black Friday Samsung Galaxy deals

After a brand-new Android phone this Black Friday? Check out the UK’s best Samsung Galaxy deals, below:

More Black Friday deals

Once you’ve worked out whether you need a SIM-only or contract plan, the next step is to pick a provider that offers the most for your buck in terms of features. To that end, have a think about what you’re looking for - do you want the cheapest plan? The best coverage? Perhaps a shiny new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? Or are you simply after the biggest selection of freebies?

Either way, once you’ve had a think about what you need, take a look below to see if any of the major networks below tick your boxes:

VOXI Black Friday deals

If you’re a disillusioned, selfie-loving millennial type, VOXI will be right up your alley. You see, it’s the only network on our list specifically for under 30s. It specialises in affordable SIM-only plans with no pesky contracts and lots of extras, including deals on minutes, texts and data.

Moreover, it also offers ‘payback points’ when you do things like refer a friend to the network. And get this: they’ll even send you a free phone case when you join. Not too shabby, eh?

Virgin Mobile Black Friday deals

Although Virgin Media is best known for its superfast broadband packages, it also offers some reasonable mobile deals, too.

Indeed, the great thing about Virgin Mobile is that it dishes out affordable plans that include unlimited texts and lets you use Twitter, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Messaging without affecting your data-allowance.

Plus, if you have any used data left, you can roll it over to the next month.

Tesco Mobile Black Friday deals

Tesco Mobile offers ‘Anytime Upgrade Flex’ contracts for your phone and data that are cheap and - as its name suggests - flexible. Indeed, these contracts let you change your data plan whenever you want, so you’ll no longer have to worry about exceeding your allowance at the end of each month.

Moreover, aside from having loads of flashy handsets and SIM-only plans to pick from, there’s also extra perks like capped contracts, discounts for family members and Clubcard points - just like you’d get in store.

BT Mobile Black Friday deals

What’s so great about BT Mobile? Well, for starters, all its plans offer unlimited texts, discounts for BT broadband customers and allow access to over five thousand Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK.

Plus, depending on which plan you pick, you can watch BT Sport on your phone via the BT Sport app at no extra cost.

Three Black Friday deals

Three have a lot to give, including loads of phone plans and SIM-only deals. Seriously, no matter what your budget, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for with Three.

Three’s cheap plans, for example, let you set your own spending caps and use your phone in 48 European countries with no roaming charge.

That said, if you’re willing to pay a little extra, plans come with even more bonuses, including unlimited data so you can stream films and music from Netflix and Spotify until your hearts content.

Sky Mobile Black Friday deals

More than just the UK’s biggest TV provider, Sky recently dipped its toes in the mobile markets, too. What really sets Sky apart from the competition is that it makes it as easy as possible to upgrade your handset to a newer model, anytime you want.

On the SIM-front, Sky offer plans that range from 500MB for light users to 1GB for heavy users, so you’ll be well covered for your data.

Oh, and if you have Sky TV, you can get unlimited calls and texts free of charge.

EE Black Friday deals

Not only is EE the quickest and most reliable mobile network in the UK, it’s also has the widest coverage, meaning almost everyone in the country can access their cheap plans and ‘superfast’ 4G mobile internet.

Plus, EE also offer perks like six months free Apple music, free BT Sport and an extra 5GB of data per month for its broadband customers. Handsets plans are available for 24-months on new phones like the iPhone XR or Samsung Galaxy S9.

O2 Black Friday deals

Not content with simply offering consumers an impressive selection of mobile plans and SIM-only deals, O2 also tickle their potential customers’ fancies with other perks like O2 priority, which provides discounts, coupons, priority gig tickets, and a host of other goodies.

And, although O2 doesn’t have the widest mobile coverage in Britain, it is available in most places. That said, we recommend checking the 4G coverage in your area before you choose a plan.

SMARTY Black Friday deals

SMARTY is a new kid on the mobile block, but it’s already making a good impression, especially with younger folk looking for plenty of data. Indeed, it specialises in affordable 30-day plans and even offers a discount at the end of the month for any unused data.

Each of its plans are simple enough to wrap your head around and come with unlimited calls and texts to boot.

Asda Mobile Black Friday deals

Asda Mobile specialises in flexible, low-cost, 30-day SIM-only plans. And, although many plans are pay-as-you-go, you can also add 30-day bundles with a hefty allowance of minutes, texts and data.

In short, you could say that Asda Mobile’s SIM and contract plans are as cheap and satisfying as it’s fruit and veg.

Well, not quite, but you get the picture…

Plusnet Black Friday deals

Widely considered to be the finest thing to come out of Sheffield since the Arctic Monkeys, Plusnet Mobile are all about low-cost, 30 day SIM-only plans.

You’ll get to choose between a 12-month plan or a rolling one-month contract and if you’re a broadband customer, Plusnet’s ‘Mates Rates’ are great for extra data allowance, lower prices and - our personal favourite - plenty of special offers.

iD Mobile Black Friday deals

Although iD Mobile isn’t a household name, it is pretty darn good at putting together decent SIM-only plans and mobile contracts.

Indeed, depending on which one of its SIM-only or monthly contract plans you go for, you’ll be able to roll over your data at the end of the month, set a limit on how much you spend week-on-week and use your phone at no extra cost in 50 European destinations.

Cheap contract phones with no upfront cost

Mobile contracts on the latest phones with no upfront cost will push up your monthly costs - as you’re essentially spreading the cost of the phone over the course of your contract.

But... you get the phone you want without paying a large fee.

Mobile phone deals from networks

Got your eye on a particular provider? Check out a whole host of mobile networks and take a look at what you can get from each one, compare deals, and take your pick.

Go SIM-only

If you're happy with your current phone and would like to hang on to it, we have some excellent SIM-only deals to check out.


You could also trade in your current smartphone and put the money towards one of the newer models. It's a quick and easy process with Depending on what model you have, and how intact it is, you’ll be surprised at what you can get.