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Support FAQs, Get a quick answer! have pulled in all the most popular questions people ask in the phone recycling industry, please feel free to contact us still though!

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FAQs: General Questions

1. Who are are a gadget recycling comparison site. We compare the best value prices for your old devices, showing the best results from top retailers. We support you the whole way through your recycling journey.

2. Are we selling our phones to you?

No, is simply a price comparison website, you are selling your phone to your chosen recycler. We are here to guide you through the process and offer support.

3. What will happen to my recycled mobile phone?

There are several different things that could happen to your phone, depending on its condition. For example, it could be sent to developing countries for refurbishment, sold on in the UK or if it is broken materials can be extracted from the phone to create new products. Check out our detailed article about where your phone could go.

4. What benefit does recycling my phone have on the environment?

Recycling your mobile phone instead of throwing it away has endless benefits for the environment. Mobiles contain lots of elements such as lead and beryllium which do not break down naturally into the earth. They can release toxic chemicals into our earth and water, which isn't just bad for the environment and wildlife – that's bad news for us too. Top recycling companies have a 0% landfill policy so you can rest assured that you are not polluting the environment.

5. What benefit does recycling my phone have on third world countries?

Mobile phones when broken down contain valuable materials such as lead, silver and gold. By re-using these we can reduce the strain on third world miner workers, who struggle to keep up with the demand of materials for our home comforts. As well as this, your recycled phone could be sold for a lower price in developing countries, so people on the other side of the world can enjoy gadgets too. Read our article on where your phone could end up, here.

FAQs: Selling your mobile or gadget

1. How much is my new/old phone worth?

You can find out the value of your handset by entering the phone model into our search box on the home page. This will then take you to our comparison page, showing you the greatest value you could get for your phone.

2. How could I discover which model of phone I own?

You can identify which manufacturer and model your handset is in a couple of ways:

  • Handset Manual: If you have the original product box and manual for your device, it will tell you exactly what you own on there.
  • Manufacturer label: If you remove the cover and battery from your mobile phone, you'll see a sticker which should tell you all on the information.

Once you've worked it out don't hesitate to visit our mobile phone recycling sections and enter the model into the search box.

3. How long will the value quote be valid for?

Quotes can be valid for between 7-14 days depending on the recycler. However, some companies will not hold these quotes, so it is best to take advantage of the price offered at the time. The best idea is to check the terms and conditions of your chosen recycler.

4. Can I sell/recycle my broken mobile phone?

Yes, most recyclers will provide a working and non-working price for your handset. But you will receive the most money if your phone is in full working order. To be classed as working, it must:

  1. Turn on and off
  2. Have fully working buttons
  3. Still be a whole phone (damaged screen and chips are usually ok)
  4. Not have water damage

5. When is my phone too damaged to sell?

Phones are not accepted if they are blacklisted/stolen, the network is barred, it is water damaged, twisted or snapped, have any parts glued in place, or have broken hinges. If your phone is none of these things you will be able to sell it, but damaged phones will not get as much money as fully working phones (see question above).

6. What if it's not my phone?

If you have just found a phone on the floor or left somewhere you should not recycle it with us. Each phone has a International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, which is a unique serial number. Recycling companies will check this number when they first receive the phone, to check if the handset comes up as missing or stolen on their system. If it does they will hand it over to the police. So, if you find a phone, it's best to hand it in somewhere and make sure it gets back to the right owner to avoid getting yourself in trouble.

7. How do I find my phones IMEI number?

Your phones IMEI number is the International Mobile Equipment Identity number which gives it an individual identity. If a mobile device is reported as lost or stolen, networks can block the IMEI. This means the phone cannot be used on the network, making the phone unusable within a 24-48 hour period.

To find your phone's IMEI, turn on your phone and dial *#06# without any spaces – the number will appear as you enter the final character (#). It should be a 15-17 character number. It's a good idea to note down this number to save you looking it up again. If you remove your battery, in the empty slot there should be a white sticker with the number on too.

8. What if my phone is network blocked?

Most recyclers will accept network blocked phones, just be sure to check the terms and conditions of individual companies.

FAQs: Sending / posting your mobile phone or gadget

1. What parts of the phone should I send?

When posting your device, the key thing to remember is to include a fully charged battery – this is to test that it works. All other accessories such as chargers are not needed (although make sure this is what the recycling company says too) and memory cards or SIM cards that contain personal information should be kept by you. You should also clear the data off your phone but performing a factory reset in the settings section of your phone, although it is common practice for the recyclers to do this for you too.

2. How do I clear data off of my phone?

A quick way to ensure that all data is removed from your phone is to restore factory settings. This will wipe all of your personal information. You can access this through the 'Settings' menu on your phone and by clicking 'Factory Re-Set'. However, it is also a good idea to remove your SIM and memory card from the phone – you do not need to send these off to the recycler.

3. Do I have to pay for postage?

We send a completely free postage kit to your house, so all you have to do is post it to the recycler and get the best recycling cash available online! If you prefer, you can pay to send it by Royal Mail Special Delivery. This way you are able to track your order online.

4. I haven't received a post packet, what do I do?

Once you have processed your order you should be sent a pack within a couple of days. If you haven't please get in touch with us here at CompareMyMobile and we will chase up the recycling company for you.

5. How many phones can I recycle?

You can use our site to recycle as many phones as you want. By using you can ensure you get the best prices for your phone. So it's definitely time for a clear out!

6. What if I am sending multiple phones?

Usually, if you are sending between four and ten phones, your recycler will send you a courier package so they can be safely posted from door to door. It is not recommended to send more than two phones in one package, as this can become quite an attractive prospect to thieves. Think and post smart.

7. I sent you my phone, but how do I know if it has arrived?

As we are just a comparison site, you haven't sent us your phone. You have sent it to the chosen mobile recycling company. They should be in touch when they receive your phone. The free post service would usually take a couple of days, but with Royal Mail this could vary. If you have not heard anything in two week, don't hesitate to contact us and we will attempt to find out what has happened.

FAQs: Getting paid for recycling mobile phones and gadgets

1. How will I get paid?

Payment is made on receipt on the device. How you will get paid depends on which recycle store you have gone with. Most handset recyclers offer payment via cheque, but some also offer a direct BACS transfer into your bank account or payment via PayPal. When comparing mobile phone recycling prices on we will also tell you how you will be paid so that you know exactly what to expect.

  • Bank Transfer: The same day the recycler recieves and checks your device, they'll transfer funds to your account.
  • Cheque: The same day the recycler recieves and checks your device, they'll post out a cheque to the address you specified.
  • PayPal: The same day the recycler recieves and checks your device, they'll transfer funds to your PayPal account using the email you supply.
  • Voucher / Gift Card: The same day the recycler recieves and checks your device, they post out whatever voucher you choose to the address you specified.
  • Charity: The same day the recycler recieves and checks your device, they make payment to the charity you selected.

2. What if I'm not happy with my quote, how much does it cost to get my phone back?

If your phone isn't in a good condition you could receive a revised quote. If you are not happy with this you will be able to get your phone back, but it will not always be free to do this. When recycling your phone it is always best to check the Terms and Conditions of the individual recycler, as different companies hold different policies.

3. I have sent you my mobile, but I don't have any money. Where is it?

Here at we are a mobile phone and device price comparison site. We haven't actually bought your phone, so you won't have sent it to us. You have sent it to your chosen mobile phone recycling website. For this reason, we cannot give you any money. However, we promise to help our customers right the way through until you receive your payment, so we are happy to contact the recycler with you or on your behalf!