Want to sell your old Samsung Galaxy Tab? Just follow these three simple steps.

  1. Compare prices: Select your Samsung tablet, and compare offers from up to 40+ recyclers on our site. Pick one you like and click through.
  1. Post it off: The recycler will send you a postage pack - usually for free - so you can mail them your old tablet.
  1. Get paid! That’s it! Once they get your tablet in the post, the recycler will transfer you your money. Easy, right?

Sell your Samsung tablet for cash

Selling a Samsung Tab isn’t difficult, especially with CompareMyMobile. One of the easiest ways to get money from an old tablet is by trading it in online, and using a gadget comparison site like ours ensures you get the best deal. Different recyclers will offer different prices for each Samsung tablet - and we’re here to make sure you find the best one.

With dozens of tablet recycling companies on our site, you’ll have plenty of choice, whatever Samsung Galaxy Tab you want to sell. We’ve even sourced thousands of customer reviews from people who’ve used our service so you can find a buyer you trust.

So, find your tablet, compare prices, read reviews, and choose your favourite recycler to sell it to - and you’re in the money.

Can I sell a used or broken Samsung tablet?

Whether your Galaxy Tab is fresh out the box, well-used, or has a totally smashed-up screen, you can sell it online no problem. Selling a broken tablet won’t bring in as much money as a working one, but you should still get something. Just select the right condition on the grid to see the most accurate prices from buyers. A lot of recyclers are happy to accept a tablet that has a cracked screen, a scratched body, busted buttons, rubbish battery, or corrupt software - but they draw the line at things like water damage and tablets that are snapped in two.

Bear in mind, too, that recyclers sometimes revise their offer on your tablet if it’s not in the condition they were expecting - in which case they’ll email you a new quote, which you’re free to accept or reject (You might have to pay for return postage to get it back, though).

How much is a used Samsung Tab worth?

There’s only one way to find out. Find your tablet in our list above - you may need to seek out your tablet’s manual or take a look at its ‘About’ section in the settings, if you’re not sure what model it is - and click or tap to see all the offers available.

Tablets that are brand new will rake in the most cash; used ones will get you a little less; and a broken one will sell for even less than that. But don’t worry - provided it isn’t broken beyond repair, chances are you can still sell your old tablet.

Some companies will even splash out a little more if you include its charging cable, user manual, or the box it came in, so it could be well worth finding them.