Tesco Recycle review

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Our rating for Tesco Recycle

We already like Tesco Mobile for its low-cost mobile deals, but here's something else it has up its sleeve: Tesco Trade-in, which buys and recycles the nation's old phones.

It recycles a big range of smartphones, including most iPhones and Samsung Galaxies. Payment for your old phone is available either by a bank transfer, or a Tesco Mobile voucher that you can spend on a pay-monthly mobile plan with the network. The recycler pays a decent chunk more if you go for the voucher - which is a little annoying, but great for anyone on a Tesco Mobile plan who wants to shave a little off their bill.

Most handsets it receives are fixed up, refurbished, and sold on, while those in worse condition are broken down and have all their parts properly recycled.