SellPhone24 review

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Our rating for SellPhone24

SellPhone24 buys a huge spread of mobile phones, including the latest iPhones, various Android smartphones, old feature phones, and more - and will buy whether they're in good or poor condition.

Broken phones are accepted, including ones with liquid damage, though these quotes are quite a bit lower. That said, its offers are almost always competitive, especially on good condition handsets.

Postage to SellPhone24 is free, and so is return postage if your quote is revised once it receives your phone.

Payment is available by either bank transfer or PayPal, both of which the company promises to send out the same day your phone arrives.

As for the fate of your phone… it'll most likely be refurbished and sold on via SellPhone24's sibling company, HandTec, which specialises in reconditioned gadgets.