Quick Mobile Fix review

Read our expert opinion on Quick Mobile Fix. We review the company, based on delivery, customer service and payment speed, and share what real customers think.

Our expert Quick Mobile Fix review

Quick Mobile Fix is a company that fixes up phones: it mends broken mobiles, sells refurbished ones, and of course buys old handsets.

Its trade-in quotes are among the best from mobile recyclers, especially on damaged models - it's happy to buy phones with smashed screens, water damage, broken cameras, and more, and offers a good rate on them too.

Payment is available either by bank transfer or vouchers for the Quick Mobile Fix store, which sells refurbished mobiles as well as accessories such as cases and charging cables. The company promises that payments go out on the same day it receives your phone.

If you prefer, you also have the option to swap your old phone for a new refurbished one.

Once you've signed up to sell your phone to Quick Mobile Fix, you can mail it off for free and track your order on its website - but it doesn't offer free returns if you change your mind or get a revised quote.