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Our expert Music Magpie review

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Music Magpie is one of the original recyclers out there. After starting out with CD and DVD trade-in offers, they now buy other gadgets like smartphones and tablets too.

Music Magpie is one of the more respected recycling companies. It uses an independent review website called 'Feefo' to manage all of its feedback. While you'll find a small percentage of Music Magpie users who that their old tech is worth more than they were given, or that the company took too long to pay, the vast majority of the reviews are positive.

Our Customer Reviews

"The instructions were easy to follow. My iPad was locked and I was sent instructions to unlock, and Music Magpie responded quickly. Overall, very satisfied." - Timmy

"Very easy, same day payment which was the same as the original offer. Thank you." - Frank

"Very good service.. Money arrived as promised." - John

"Price paid slightly less than originally offered." - Mary

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