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Our expert Milk My Mobile review

3 stars

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Milk My Mobile has a smart, easy-to-use website that we know users will appreciate.

To get started simply begin typing the make and model of your device into the blue search bar by the milkman at the top of the page, and select the correct handset to proceed. You’ll be presented by a number of questions for you to answer, to ensure that Milk My Mobile can quote you the correct price.

It also offers you the chance to enter your IMEI number - a unique number dedicated to your smartphone that monitors whether your device has been reported as lost or stolen. All recyclers on CompareMyMobile ask for this number – it ensures that mobile phone recycling doesn't encourage smartphone theft.

Once you have filled out all of sections, you’ll see a price appear at the bottom on the page. Click on ‘Milk my mobile!’ if you are happy with your price, and you'll move onto the next stage.

Here, you have the option to create an account either using your Facebook login, Twitter login, or by creating a new username and password for the website. Once you’ve chosen how to create an account, just enter your address details and how you’d like to be paid – you can choose between cheque and BACS, with the latter being the faster option.

Milk My Mobile gives you two options as far as sending your phone goes – simply print off the label which gets you free postage (you’ll be able to send your device off straight away) or ask them to send you an addressed postage pack for you to send your device off in.

Once you’ve chosen all of your options and agreed the offer, you’ll receive an email confirming the process. You’ll also receive an email when Milk My Mobile has received your device and confirmed the condition. You should receive payment that same day too.

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"Will use them again brilliant." - Alli

"Excellent service, good customer service. No messing about." - Darren

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