MC Recycle review

Read our expert opinion on MC Recycle. We review the company, based on delivery, customer service and payment speed, and share what real customers think.

Our expert MC Recycle review

The great thing about MC Recycle is that it's happy to recycle pretty much any model of phone or tablet, whether it's the latest iPhone, a mid-range Android, or an ancient Nokia - alongside other tech like laptops and smart watches.

It mostly buys working phones in good condition, though it'll buy some models even if they're damaged or broken. It won't buy any with liquid damage, however.

Unlike most mobile recyclers, MC Recycle doesn't reduce your quote if the phone you're selling is locked to a network - at least on some models. On other models, it only buys unlocked handsets.

The company also offers free postage when you sell them your phone or tablet, either with a postage pack or print-out label, though it doesn't offer free returns.

Another benefit is that it promises payment, via bank transfer or PayPal, on the same day it receives your phone.